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    [LFW] Sound Design Specialist


    I have over 5 years of experience recording and producing music and sound effects for various media.

    Where I've Worked

    I've worked as an engineer both in a radio station servicing >100 mile radius area, and in a small-time recording studios

    What I've Created

    I've worked on sound effects for games for the last two and half years. Unfortunately, I don't have any clips available online, but you can hear an example of my musical work here:
    While I can compose music, I'm primarily focusing on creating customized sound packages for games including soundscapes and individual sound effects.

    What I Will Do For You
    I've been working on game development since UDK, and I have a good feel for game design. As a Sound Designer, I will walk you through the steps to figure out exactly what "feel" you are going for with your game, be it ambient horror or slick FPS, and deliver a solid sound design package to help you achieve that goal.

    Please PM me if interested.