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[LFW PAID] Rogério Perdiz "rogper" - Professional Blender Master

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    [LFW] [LFW PAID] Rogério Perdiz "rogper" - Professional Blender Master

    Hi, My name is Rogério Perdiz.
    I work professionally modeling and texturing anything you may want.
    If you can sketch it, or give me a reference picture, I can bring it to life.


    3D Environment Artist
    • 6 years in the interactive virtual reality industry.
    • 1 year on the virtual re-construction of historical ruins.
    • 2 years on the film and visual effects industry.
    • 1 year on the indie game scene.

    3D Character Artist
    • 2 years on the indie game scene.
    • 2 years on the animation film industry.

    3D animator
    • 2 years on the animation film industry.

    Previous Work:
    • Modeled thousands of diverse objects, from furniture to buildings (interior and exterior), skylines, diverse transportation, appliances, industrial machinery, musical instruments, jewelery, etc to AeonVirtual, an Canadian interactive virtual reality company;
    • Made all the graphical work for the short animation Orion Tear;
    • I've made all the texture and modeling work for the Kaloe Castle virtual re-creation for InnoPro from Denmark;
    • Worked on the modeling and UV mapping of 20+ Baseball stadiums for a Brazilian portable game;
    • Modeled and textured life-science biological models for the Huck Institutes of Life Sciences;
    • Animated a couple of scenes for a award wining short animation form Hand Turkey Studios;
    • Modeled and textured a photo-real Opel GT (2008) just for fun.



    Additional Information:
    • I'm Portuguese.
    • Work remotely by the Internet.
    • 8 hours by day, all days except Sunday.
    • I'm a Blender master, so I work with Blender, but it has a nice .fbx or .obj exporter. I've successfully exported models to UE4 in the past.
    • I accept PayPal payment (preferred) or Bank Transfer.
    • Payment is discussed with the customer based on the project requirements and budget.
    • I'm very used to tight deadlines and I'm OK with recursive corrections.
    • I work in the same way for AAA companies and Indies, if you can pay you receive the same dedication.
    • My favorite video-game is Super Mario 64.

    If you have any question or job proposal that a normal Freelancer would refuse, please give it a shot pressing the reply button or e-mail me.
    Some times it's those kind of jobs that I find the most rewarding

    Thanks for the attention!
    Anything I'll be around.
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    I already had ordered some stuff to Rogério and I stood amazed. He is an excellent person to work with because of his skills and personality.

    Thiago Melo