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[PAID] Looking for work as a writer

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    [LFW] [PAID] Looking for work as a writer

    Hello folks!

    To introduce myself; I am 14 years and an aspiring writer. I'm in need of money to buy expensive clothes, so therefore I am offering my services. And well, yeah... What ARE my services actually?

    I offer to write anything; from character and game descriptions to storylines an whatever you can get on your mind, as long as it has something to do with writing. I am a big fan of tactical (and realistic) shooter games, such as Ghost Recon 1, Arma 2 and so forth. I know quite a lot about history, wars, and well yeah... wars. From the battle of the Teutoburg forest for 2006 years ago, to the cold war and afghan war. I have a very small knowlegde when it comes to game development, but none so ever it is existing.

    I am not native-english, so of course difficulties can occur in grammar. My word price is 0,06, and that is fairly much, if you compare to quality and the market. Because honestly, I am sure you can find better and certainly cheaper folks, if not people who would do your job for free, even with better quality! At this price, I probably wouldn't hire myself... But I challenge you to do so.


    Thank you for your time.

    Sincerely (this word has a very interesting origin in the renaissance)


    "Word price is 0.06" are you serious? That's a system of payment that sounds like ripping off a client, however you are young. Though you will not be hired by me and as for anyone else it's up to them but I want to leave you with some help for your next post when you ask to be hired.

    1.) "I'm in need of money to buy expensive clothes" - Why do you need these clothes? Personally I wouldn't share what I would use my money on, I would be saving it at 14.
    2.) If you are offering to write Characters (with stories and Dialogue) or game storyline you should always give links to previous work. No one in the right mind will hire a stranger by just going off on a unproven claim.
    3.) People can research wars and historical events, it's good to understand it but it's part of someones job who writes to research anything they need.
    4.) "I am not native-english" - This is why you should give work examples, if you are native-english then you are less likely to be hired by a English speaking team.
    5.) Never have a word price, it's like saying "I will throw in a few more words just to make more money from you." You should be paid for finished work, for example if you written a whole characters backstory, design, dialogue, everything, then maybe that would get you 5 dollars or 10.
    6.) "At this price, I wouldn't hire myself...but I challenge you to do so." - No, that's not even okay. If I was a boss of a company you would were in the middle of an interview for, I would tell you to get out. Because basically you just said "Though I know my services are overpriced for what I can do, I challenge you to hire me as a liability."

    Next time, please have examples, please have original work and do not set a price on word count.


      H bromand77, have you considered writing text-based Interactive Fiction to generate monies? People do still read and purchase text-based adventures. Check out Choice of Games. In my opinion, a Interactive Fiction Story can be translated directly into the dialogue/narrative for 3D Game. This is the inspiration behind my UE4 WIZMO Quest/Dialogue Engine. Good Luck. is now part of