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[PAID] C++/BP Multiplayer Programmer/Consultant

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    [LFW] [PAID] C++/BP Multiplayer Programmer/Consultant


    My name is Michael. I've been doing game development since high school, and I have focused primarily on multiplayer games. I have an extremely good understanding of UE4's networking capabilities, and I'm fast to learn new things where required.

    I worked at NetherRealm on Mortal Kombat X for 2 years where I got my first taste of Unreal Engine 3. For the past year I've been developing solely in UE4, and have worked on a variety of multiplayer projects. I have multithreading and graphics experience as well, though mostly in MKX's UE3.

    Here's a game I made entirely in blueprint last weekend for a game jam:

    Next up are two videos of a multiplayer game I've been developing. Ships are physics actors and sail around a miniature planet. Physics are fairly accurately replicated to all players, and I've taken several steps to keep bandwidth at a minimum. I also built a navball/minimap hybrid you can see at the top left.

    Here's footage of the project, unfortunately without other players, but it showcases the sky material I made for the day/night side of the planet, the volcanic ash cloud, and the navball/minimap.

    Here's older footage of people playing this game:

    And here's an, albeit not perfect, tutorial I made that has gotten quite a bit of use:

    I'm fairly active on the UE4 answers website, where you can see I answer a wide variety of programming and BP related questions.

    I'm looking for freelance work! You can contact me at my email. It's a gmail, and the name is the same as my username on this site. Thanks!

    P.S. I do accept Bitcoin.

    EDIT: Probably shouldn't have made my email so easily accessibly to bots. Hopefully you can put 2 and 2 together.
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    Still taking on work.


      Hi Cobryis We at white spear studios are looking for a programmer to join our team you can contact us at