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[UNPAID/ROYALTY] Programmer/Blueprinter/Composer looking for project or team for experience

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    [LFW] [UNPAID/ROYALTY] Programmer/Blueprinter/Composer looking for project or team for experience

    Hello everyone,

    Long time software developer here and I just recently switched to UE4 a few months ago. I've been a Software developer for almost 10 years now, and have done game dev in XNA and Unity (As well as some off beat stuff in RPG Maker, and other smaller game making software). Other software dev includes app development for Windows Phone 8 and Android, back end development for websites and servers, mod development (Minecraft mostly) and other various projects. Professional work has been for testing, website back end, and I also work server management and monitoring.

    Other useful game dev skills:

    6 years composing and producing music in FL Studio and Logic Pro.
    AS in Audio Engineering
    Recording Experience

    Heavy image modification experience in Photoshop.
    Painting experience. (I cant draw for ****. But give me a sketch and I can outline it, paint it, shade it and make it look pretty.)
    Pixel Art (My only useful 2D art skill. Otherwise, stick figures is my best)

    Server management, deployment, monitoring and development. (Windows and Linux based. (Custom game server experience is minor modifications and source contributions to a World Of Warcraft Private server source code)

    Advertising and SEO experience.

    As for my experience with UE4, I have dug heavily into the sourcecode to learn, while remaking classic basic games such as pong, breakout etc. Ive done this both in C++ and in Blueprint. My current projects in development are a 2D cooperative side scroller with fully working multiplayer, custom character selection, class system, etc.(All of this is basically done, just need to tweak minor gameplay work, finish off a few basic logics and whatnot). But this is just a prototype and done for the learning experience.

    What I'm looking for is a smaller project to take on for a learning experience, and if we decide its good enough, to release possibly down the road. But if not, hey we made a game for fun.

    I'd either love to find a studio, group or whatnot to join or wouldn't mind collaborating with an artist or others to start up our own. But if you just need a programmer for a project, I'm ok with that too.

    If this sounds like someone you'd like to work with, drop me a message.

    A Jack of All Trades. We've walked similar paths, code-centric: Blueprints, C++, Web Suite (HTML x.0, PHP, Javascript), Perl, others. Regularly Use FLStudio, GIMP, Blender3D, others. A firm believer in Modular & Procedural Design Techniques.

    I favor FPS & RPGs, currently working on a Arena-style FPRPS Hybrid (see sig). Any particular Game or Genre your interested in developing? is now part of


      Its been crazy. Ive work as a Systems Admin for a loooooong time, and as the IT guy, you get asked to do a lot of weird projects that fit other job titles. So lots of random experience there.

      I love any kind of RPG or Action game, but have a secret love for Rhythm games. Im currently working on a 2d sidescrolling Co-Op game akin to the early arcade games, but with some slight flare.

      For now, I'd just like to get on a good team and make something fun. Preferably a genre with more activity in it, (Simple puzzle piece games are great, but not alot of logic) and im always down for a good rpg, albeit something sensible for the team size. But Action, platformers, space, adventure, etc.


        Been there. In fact, worked in every layer of the OSI Model from Terminating/Splicing Fiber Optics to Installing Routers to WinNT Administration/IT to Web App Engineering to Network Engineering(Current). Video Games are my passion. They're the reason I took interest in Computers. It would be a dream come true to earn a living from the Games I develop. I finally have the patience and tools to make this dream a reality.

        To be very honest, I've been reluctant to build a team due to previously failed attempts at forming and maintaining an online team Project Plasma FPS 2004, DGDK Open Source Project, and Project Fujita UDK. My Role: Project Administration Support and Game Systems Programmer. Unfortunately, due to over ambitiousness and under planning, these projects withered and died.

        Hence, I've been developing solo, learning UE4 and Blender while working towards a game concept I could develop single-handedly. A 15year old re-envisioning of Maze War. Now a Co-op FPSRPG in which 2-4 Players navigate a procedurally generated Labyrinth battling Monsters on a Quest to locate and seize the Dragon's Gold. During Battles, Players level up acquiring new items, skills, spells, weapons, armors, and achievements. Players use their gear to compete in monetized FPS-style PVE/PVP Skilled-based Cash Tournaments.

        With no team, low budget, low art skill, I've always been in deficit for Audio/Visual Content. My game design revolves around this fact, leveraging programming skill to implement Modularity, Procedural Generation, 3D Collage Construction, and Customization to efficiently reuse assets and provide complex visuals. I'm developing a suite of in-game editors for use in assembling high level content. The Editor Suite will be provided with the game so that players create customize content and possibly there own adventures using the same content.

        PaRappa the Rapper was the only Rhythm Game I took a liking too. Its not because I dislike the genre, but, simply because I was too busy playing others. Today I'm big on mixing up genres and themes. I can easily contemplate a merger between Rhythm + RPG in which Players use Rhythm (sequenced button presses) to activate Spells & Skills, Solve Puzzles, Defeat Traps. is now part of


          Hi Shigan! I am a 3D Artist with 2-3 years working with Blender3D and 2 years with UDK / UE4. I am currently without a team - but I do have a pretty specific project in mind. That of a 3rd person space action game. I even have a detailed game design document and some 3D assets ready to go. But I need a dedicated programmer / blue-printer who can make stuff work.

          More about me. My passion is Sci-Fi and space adventure. I build ships, astronauts, stations, robots etc etc. I can model, texture, animate and level design and game design. I also write Sci Fi stories. Here are two of the assets for the game I want to make (i have more and more in the works too):

          Is a project along these lines something that would interest you? If so, perhaps you would like to meet on Skype for a chat sometime and we could work out if our goals are compatible. Cheers!


            Hi everyone, I am a Level designer that worked on Mostly XNA for a year, then moved on to Unity3d for 3 and now in Unreal 4, as I am a Level designer, my programming knowledge is very limited, consider me a beginner, I have many projects that I have left unfinished as I lack the programming skill to complete them so I am in need of a Programmer, Blueprinter to aid me, I have portfolio website if it helps, not all projects are in there so please get in contact with me if you would like to know more
            Portfolio Webpage



              We are looking for a programmer to join our team.
              I'd love to brief you in greater detail.Where can I contact you with the info?
              Hope to see you on board!


                Not sure if you're interested in Flight Simulation, but we could use someone with your skills to volunteer your expertise on the nexgenflightsim (you know the rest).

                We're just getting started in what could be the best thing to happen in flight simulation in years.

                Your evaluation of Unreal Engine for the purpose of a platform to develop a next generation flight simulator would be invaluable. Also, if you're interested you could certainly become a Team Lead and organize a group not only for evaluation purposes but for the development of a flight simulator demo using any platform that you choose.

                Paid Key positions will be filled by those who get in early and contribute to the overall success of a six month long SIM-Posium. You can read all the details and add your opinion to what you think would create the ideal organization for long term success.

                We'd love to have you visit and add your expertise.

                See the post "Next Generation Flight Simulator SIM-Posium needs your input" found in this forum.

                Hope to hear from you soon,
                Stephen Borick
                Next Generation Flight Simulator SIM-Posium
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                  Hi there ! Check my post maybe you can be interested


                    Check out my thread maybe you are interested


                      Still looking for work. Need to find the right fit.


                        Still no interest in a a Co-op FPSRPG?
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                          Before I'd honestly hoped for something slightly smaller, but your project was always an interesting one. Though now, I'd be willing to take on something larger. If you still think I'd be a good fit, I'd be up for talking more.


                            Originally posted by shigan5 View Post
                            Before I'd honestly hoped for something slightly smaller, but your project was always an interesting one. Though now, I'd be willing to take on something larger. If you still think I'd be a good fit, I'd be up for talking more.
                            I do have something smaller: GOLEMCraft. An in-game Editing App in which users load/assemble/edit/save Collage Creature Creations. I believe it has the potential become as popular as Spore Creature Creator. I'm nearly complete with Slot Management System Development. GOLEMCraft will require R & D to work out the Fragment Painting & Movement, Material Selection System, and Morph Target Support.

                            What tools do you use to collaborate? My tools of choice: Perforce for UnrealEd Source Control and Skype to communicate.
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                              Sent you a pm