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    Looking For Work Template

    Until someone comes along with a better one, I present you with a rough looking for work template.

    Thread Title:
    [LFW PAID] Gillian "Cheeky" Smith - 3D Character Artist

    The title of the thread should begin with the prefix [LFW], followed by your name and job title/skillset.
    If you have multiple skillsets, list the major ones only.

    If you're looking for a particular type of work, be sure to include it in the prefix (PAID/UNPAID/CONTRACT etc).

    3D Character Artist
    • 2 years in film industy.
    • 3 years in indie game scene.

    List your skillsets and give a brief description of experience in each.
    Avoid massive walls of text - you have your website for that (see below).

    Previous Work:
    **** Sharks from Mars! - http://www.****
    Indie game, lead character artist.

    Quick list of recent work - try to keep it within the last 5 years.
    We don't want to know about your modeling efforts in primary school.


    Link to website showing off your work.
    Don't use Facebook
    There are always places like etc.

    Skype: CheekySmith

    Includes various ways to contact you, if possible.
    For email, use a proper domain based email and avoid @yahoo, @live, @hotmail etc.

    Additional Information
    • Live on oil rig in the middle of the north atlantic.
    • Only available 4 days a week.
    • Cannot travel.
    • Wages must be sent by pigeon.

    Add any additional information that pertains to your ability to work.
    Can you only work online? Can only speak Australian? Can only work 2 days a week? etc.

    Comments welcome!

    Politely list the type of feeback you are looking for.
    If you don't mind comments, say so - comments welcome!
    If you only want serious replies, say as much - serious replies only please.

    This may or may not be respected, but at least you tried.
    Last edited by Kris; 03-20-2014, 02:39 AM.
    Rule#21: Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet.

    WYSIWYG based template.

    Use this with the editor in WYSIWYG Mode.

    [LFW PAID/UNPAID/CONTRACT] <Name> - <Major Skillset(s)>

    <C++ Programmer><Blueprint Scripting><3D Character Artist><3D Artist><Concept Artist>
    • <X years here>
    • <Y years there>

    Previous Work:
    Description of project/game/work -


    E-mail: <>
    Skype: <username>

    Additional Information:
    • Pay upfront.
    • Online only.
    • Cannot travel.
    • Only available X days/Y hours a week.
    • Can only speak Australian.

    Comments welcome!
    Serious replies only please.

    Source based template.

    Use this with the editor in Source Mode.

    PHP Code:
    Thread Title: [LFW PAID/UNPAID/CONTRACT] <Name> - <Major Skillset(s)>

    C++ Programmer><Blueprint Scripting><3D Character Artist><3D Artist><Concept Artist>
    X years here>[*]<Y years there>[/LIST]

    B][U]Previous Work[/U]:[/B]
    Description of project/game/work - [URL][/URL]


    E-mail: <>
    Skype: <username>

    B][U]Additional Information[/U]:[/B]
    Pay upfront.[*]Online only.[*]Cannot travel.[*]Only available X days/Y hours a week. [*]Can only speak Australian.[/LIST]

    Comments welcome!
    Serious replies only please
    Last edited by Kris; 03-30-2014, 04:20 PM.
    Rule#21: Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet.


      Great Post. I feel like I know you from somewhere!


        Great post Kris, hopefully this helps steer people in the right direction out of the gates
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          Even if i did the template it will be empty still cause i have no skills so i dont see a point in me making one. i have no work experience at all.