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[LFW UNPAID] C++ programmer looking to have some fun

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    [UNPAID] [LFW UNPAID] C++ programmer looking to have some fun

    Hi there, I'm looking for an unpaid project to help out on that is small enough in scope that it will actually get finished and can be used as a portfolio entry and a way to gain experience.

    I am currently employed full-time as a Technical Lead so I would be able to bring solid decision making, leadership experience, and programming knowledge to a team. With having a full time job, I could realistically work somewhere around 10-20 hours per week on a project.

    • C++
      • Studied in college and have used for the past few years while trying things in Unreal
    • Blueprint
      • Use in tandem with C++ to find a good balance between the two
    • Architectural Design Patterns
      • Understanding of different design patterns and when to apply them
    I do not have any previous work to speak of, my projects have been more on the side of experiments and learning tools.


    Additional Information:
    • Availability(CST) would be mostly evenings and weekends
    • Games have affected my life in such great ways, and I am looking to pass that along to others
    • I have played Ice Hockey for over 20 years
    • I am looking for remote work only
    • I am also looking for a team that is willing to have fun and probably make mistakes along the way

    how small we talking?