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Experienced C/C++/Blueprint Developer & Unreal Generalist

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    [LFW] Experienced C/C++/Blueprint Developer & Unreal Generalist

    Hello there,

    My name is Primrose and I'm a Programmer with nearly 20 years of hobbyist experience and 2 years experience working in the industry. I've been working with Unreal since the Unreal Engine 3 and am very familiar with the inner workings of the engine, including its source code. I'm very capable with the editor and also Blueprint, and I mainly write my C++ code such that it is all implementable in Blueprint, so all the core functionality is C++ code, but then I put it all together in Blueprint. I typically end up writing Plugins for the editor in order to achieve a lot of things also.

    I've also worked on many games over the years and am capable within many other roles, such as Level Design, working with the material editor to create all manner of different shaders, GUI/HUD work, and a few others. I've done a lot of hobby based solo work over the years so I've needed to learn how to fill most of the roles myself, even if only slightly.

    The most notable project I worked on was called Kitaru, it was successfully funded through Kickstarter for $35,000 but it fell through when the project leader disappeared...
    Link to Kitaru Kickstarter:

    • Extensive knowledge of C/C++ and UE4's C++ APIs, and their use in Blueprint.
    • Experience working with the UE4 source code and plugin development.
    • A good level of knowledge in many other languages such as C#, Python, and JavaScript.
    • Very familiar with Unreal and it's systems, including Blueprint.
    • Capable Artist with decent abilities in Level design, Materials/UI, Particles systems, Working with Animations, and Audio.

    I'm happy to work for free or for royalties, but nothing full time. I'm happy to work full time for paid/contract work however.
    I can provide code samples and my portfolio to any who emails me, or asks for them on here.

    Skype User: live:.cid.55af295c12248b3b
    Skype Email:
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