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    [CONTRACT/ROYALTY] Blueprint Expert / Developer LFW

    Hello there!
    My name is Panos and I'm from Greece. I'm 30 years old and I've studied maths followed by a master in computer science. I'm a huge fan of games and I've been a gamer since I remember myself.

    I've been playing around with UE4 since 2015 and I concider myself a blueprint expert. I never was in any proffessional team although I've created (as an one man army) lots of small games. I've been teaching blueprint scripting through Fiverr / Udemy for the past two years as well.

    I'd like to start filling up my portfolio with game projects so I'm up to join any serious team. Could probably do almost anything in blueprints (multiplayer as well).

    Please do not hesitate to sent me a message here or even better add me on Discord (Drackous#3139) for further info.
    Looking forward to work!