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Female 3d/concept artist and programmer for hire

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    [PAID] Female 3d/concept artist and programmer for hire

    hi my name is gloria and ive been a 3d artist for over 5 years, recently i got into programming and im quite good at it. im very good at problem solving and troubleshooting bugs and i have a great understanding of ue4 logic.
    ere are some games i programmed and did the art for all from scratch
    i did all the code by myself including the visual art
    right now im working on a Pokemon like template and ive mastered casting so at this point i know all about coding there is to know ive been programming for around a year now
    also you can find more of my art here

    programming rates 100-200$ per month for 5 days of work a week
    character modeling rates 50-100$ per character should be complete in around a week
    concept art rates 30-90$ concept for character designs and simple assets