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    [ROYALTY] Beginner Programmer looking for Project

    Hey all,

    I'm looking for a group to join so that I may develop my skills while creating something as part of a team. I have used UE4 since it's the release and have some experience in every aspect. I have been using blueprints mostly for many years but have been transitioning my skills towards C++. I know Javascript and some C# so felt it's time I understand C++. I have a degree in Games Design and credited in Shadows:Awakening (was QA and Story aspects mostly). I have also worked on a fan-based Star Trek project called Stage9 (sadly shut down by CBS, you can check out videos on youtube though)

    I feel working in a group really brings out the best of my learning and programming and the sense of progress in achieving shared goals. With this in mind I'm looking for a project that I can help develop along with my skills. Ideally, I would like a group to already have some members who are active. If anyone is interested or has a space they believe I would fit well into please feel free to message me and we can have a chat. Look forward to talking with you!

    All the best and stay safe everyone
    - Calcorso

    Hi there, i wanna develop an Android game and i try to get a team to work, so for detail add me on discord : STEFAN#2244 or Email :