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[LFW] UE4 Programmer (C++, Blueprints, Networking, AWS GameLift)

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    [LFW] UE4 Programmer (C++, Blueprints, Networking, AWS GameLift)

    UE4 programmer with 2 years of experience.

    Primary strength is in Blueprints but fairly experienced with C++ as well.

    Solid understanding of networking in the engine.

    Adept animator in Blender. Another skill I can bring to any project (plan on learning Maya)
    Animating skill level showcase:

    Working on a personal solo project (FPS Multiplayer):
    All animations and networking coding has been done by just me. Including the Ninja character displayed at the end.

    Not displayed at the moment, but the game is now functional with Amazon GameLift and has basic matchmaking functionality which has been tested and is fully working (all programmed by me).
    This was done using the GameLift blueprints marketplace asset, but if needed, I can potentially work with the GameLift plugin in C++ also.

    So I would say my area of expertise is FPS, but I'm fully ready and capable of jumping into any other type of project.

    I'm willing to work Unpaid/Royalty but if so, it is heavily preferred you are in the US or already have a started project, preferably both.

    If you are a project outside of the US or are a brand new startup, I will be looking for compensation.

    If you are interested and want to contact me, please email me at if possible. I will try to check in on the forums here as much as I can, but my email is something I'm guaranteed to see much faster.

    Thank you for your consideration.

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    write you an email