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Got a singleplayer RPG idea? I code/prototype it in a matter of weeks (max 3 mo) rather than a year

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    [LFW] Got a singleplayer RPG idea? I code/prototype it in a matter of weeks (max 3 mo) rather than a year

    Hi, I'm a blueprint programmer with 4 years experience working 70-90 hour weeks (double fulltime!!), so in that regards you could consider me as having 8 years experience! I work incredibly fast and seeing I can work 80 hour weeks on average, I can deliver full game code or prototypes in a matter of weeks rather than months/years. I also have many many sideskills in which I also reach high quality and which allow me to create my own prototype assets or save time by not having to wait for other people to deliver something I need to proceed!!

    My skillset:
    - Coding in blueprints
    - Implementing animation blueprints
    - Designing UX and UI
    - Slicing up UI mockup and implementing it in UMG
    - Multiplayer replication (prefer to work on singleplayer only games, because multiplayer slows development down as it requires 1.5 to 2x the time to complete a feature, which makes it a lot more tedious)
    - Multiplayer lobby and server hosting by player setup. (again, prefer no multiplayer
    - Setting up a MySQL database (for example for loot tables, character saving etc..)
    - Intermediate 3D Environment Art and Props (I can prototype my own assets, so I don't have to wait for artists to deliver something to proceed with coding, additionally, if my modeling/texturing quality reaches the quality you're after, you can even let me directly model final assets for the game and thus saving time not having to wait for artists to complete something)
    - QA Testing (I worked as a QA Software Tester professionally, and know how to find nasty bugs and deliver quality)
    - Game Design (I designed dozens of games (mostly RPG games) so I can provide you with feedback or ideas for your designs and make sure they are doable for coding and art)
    - CMS Web design/development. (I studied for web developer and although I'm out of the sector for 7+ years, I still can design quality websites and set them up in a CMS like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla
    - Leadership (I have led a team of 10 people and a team of 6 people in the past, Doing game design, programming and UI design myself and giving direction to the people on the team while keeping them happy and motivated)

    Let my portfolio speak for itself!

    On the portfolio, be sure to click the title text instead of the banner images to go to the page with movies or screenshots! I need to find time to change this behaviour!

    I have so much experience, both as solo developer/artist as in teams in various roles, that I can solo develop games without any help. The only constraint is time. It's simple not possible to do everything myself, which is why I have been in teams before.

    To let me develop at full speed, I like to be able to create the UI/UX Designs and do all programming. Having other programmers in the team will just slow me down. And since I work for 5 people, you won't need any additional programmers. Doing UX/UI design helps me to envision how the game systems will work and how I have to program them. Which is why I prefer to do UI/UX myself.

    I do like to have additional people available for making environments, props and characters. As those areas I'm least proficient in and it would save me a lot of time. Ofcourse you'll also need a Music composer and SFX guy. I can do basic SFX and have a recording studio, I can also do basic music in a certain style, but it's better to have a professional composer/sound engineer. I can do some basic VFX, though it would be great to have someone with extensive VFX experience.

    - Have a solid RPG idea that's preferably singleplayer only and have a GDD written down of at least 20 pages
    - Have realistic goals (No MMORPG's, no full open world games, unless you're a AAA studio with at least 500k euro/dollar lol)
    - Preferably we can work with a contract. (too many times I have not been paid for work by indie studios in the past when I was still a rookie)
    - Have enough money available. This is not a 500 dollar task. You're looking up against 4-5k dollar per month, since I work double full time.
    - Part of payment will have to be paid upfront. (again, i have bad experience with indie companies in the past in regards to payment)

    The end result is a prototype, a vertical slice or fully coded mechanics for a full game, with which you can go to publishers for further funding.All this, in a extremely short amount of time.

    You can hire me for as long as you want, as long as you can keep paying me to contribute. You'll have a hardworking, fast working, extremely motivated guy who can get stuff done.

    Pricing is very reasonable, but I understand that most indie teams don't have 4-15k laying around. So I'm aware I won't get any replies in the first 1-2 months most likely. Also be aware that I'm not the type of guy that is in it just for the money and does only what's asked and nothing more. I'm very motivated and will do whatever is in my power to make sure the game succeeds. But I do need money to pay the bills. Which is the reason why I'm now stopping development on my own games and do freelance work until your project is either finished or you decide you no longer need me.

    If interested, contact me for more details or to discuss your project, estimates for the price/timeframe etc... You can contact me on Discord: RebelCampGames#5613 or through email at

    Hope to hear from you and your awesome ideas/projects soon!

    Kind regards,

    Stefan Geerinckx
    Creative Director at Rebel Camp Games

    For the people that don't like to visit my profile and see the movies directly from UE4 forums:

    Cats vs Rats: Made in 1 week time for Epic Megajam 2019 (together with an artist. I made the foliage and level design myself though)

    Oceans Dark: Curse of Mithra, programmed by me solo in 3 weeks time:

    Forests of Augusta: for 80% solo developed. Only some art and level design and audio were done by other people. Programmed in 2-3 months time and released on Steam)

    Emberheart: Entirely solo developed with Art from Marketplace. Old video though, have progressed a lot since then. This was my first unreal project and took me 1 year of development to get a full blown singleplayer ARPG coded and learn UE4 and blueprints on the fly.

    Necrotic: Made together with an Artist. I did all programming and UI Design for this little mobile game.

    Creative Director at Rebel Camp Games