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[LFW] [Paid] Expert Blueprint developer with wide skill set

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    [CONTRACT/ROYALTY] [LFW] [Paid] Expert Blueprint developer with wide skill set

    Good Day!

    About myself:

    -Proud to say I'm an experienced BP developer with 4 certified Udemy courses. total 120 hours more or less including 3 years of personal development experience with Unreal Engine 4.

    -Like video games and plays them daily.

    -Very active developer with wide knowledge of how things work.

    -Very creative with blueprint coding.

    -Blueprint debugging (Problem/Bugs Solving).

    Skill set:

    *Full humanoid animation creator with motion capture(Doesn't include crazy back flips or rolling and such). (Very Expensive Device to be played with.)

    Inventory System. Multiplayer Supported, Stacking/Splitting/Dropping/Using/Equipping items.
    Trade system. Allows item trade between other players (Multiplayer only).
    Auction System. Selling/Posting/Buying Items and such.

    Animation System. Blending animation, Notify functionality, Random Animations.

    Stat System. Multiplayer Supported, Stats such as Strength, Agility which affects animation speed and outcome damage. Etc.

    Character Level/Experience System. Multiplayer Supported.

    Chat System. Multiplayer supported, Channels such as (Local, World, Zone, Private Messages... ETC).

    Skill/Abilities System. Multiplayer supported, cooldown included, Passive/Target/AOE/Friendly or enemy.

    Quest System. Multiplayer Supported, Collecting items, Killing Monsters, Find an NPC.

    NPC Dialog System. Multiplayer Supported.

    Craft/Forge System.

    Build System. Includes building/placing/removing/moving probes such as houses etc.

    Widget System. Resize/Minimize/Movable Widget Etc. Multiplayer Supported.

    Event System. Multiplayer Supported, Events that occur in random or fix timing and even by a Developer commands In-game to spawn or activate something.

    Equipment System. Multiplayer Supported, Weapons, Armors. Etc.

    Monster System. Melee and Ranged Attacks/Spawn Timer/Dwell/Drop Items after death, Follow player/attack Etc.

    Mini-Map System. Multiplayer Supported, Includes Monsters Markers, Other Online Players Markers, Quest Markers, Etc.

    Team/Party System. Multiplayer Only, Sending an invitation to other players to join your team/party like in MMO RPG games.

    Friends System. List allows to add friends/delete/block/Message Etc.
    Registration/Log-in System, built-in game allows the user to registers a new user and password, Email verification included.
    (Multiplayer Only).

    Data base System. using MySQL and PHP to save user data, weapons, location, stats Etc. (Multiplayer Only) (Requires a Server) or just a normal 24/7 never turning your PC off .

    as well as other systems if explained well with an open mind.

    *Note that the mentioned above are not a ready porotype systems but instead made and coded to your desired methods of how things should mechanically function.

    Requirements from the future partner:

    -Pay Half Upfront. (Depends and can be discussed).

    -Google Pay for payment methods is highly recommended.
    (Depends and can be discussed).

    -Working hours will be 24/7 depends on my free time but mostly working everyday nonstop.

    -Cant travel.

    -Writes in English only.
    -A full explanation of the game that being developed.

    *Things I prefer and not mandatory:

    -a legit company hiring with an official contract including registered trademark for the company.

    -a newly started project (To avoid headache).

    -Prefer to work for an MMORPG mostly, can do other game modes as well.

    -Prefer Email contact only.

    Contact Info:

    Name: A. Qallaf


    Thank you!
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    Wanted to update:

    any other documents such as a resume or a C.V can be provided upon request.

    Thank you!


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        Availability update.


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