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3D Modeling / Texturing / Rigging / Animation for Characters - Michael Fry

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    [CONTRACT/PAID] 3D Modeling / Texturing / Rigging / Animation for Characters - Michael Fry


    I am a freelancing 3D artist from Germany with 3+ years of experience, looking to do long-term work as a 3D Character Artist for your project.
    My native language is German, but I am completely fluent in English as well.

    If you're looking for a complete all inclusive package to take care of your 3D character work, you've come to the right place!

    My services include...
    - 3D modeling
    - texturing
    - rigging
    - 3D animation

    About my services:
    - Experience with implementation into Unreal Engine
    - Experience working with Maya, Blender, Unreal Engine 4 and Substance Painter

    - $20/h,negiotable depending on task

    My Fiverr: (4.9 / 5 star rating) (30+ reviews)

    My ArtStation:

    Some of the games, I have worked on:

    As a 3D Character Artist:
    1. "Neko Ghost, Jump!" Links:

    - 2D / 3D shifting platformer
    - #1 on IndieDB for several days
    - 2019 Unreal Florida winner for "Best Platformer"
    - At DreamHack Atlanta 2019
    - At PAX South 2020
    - At DreamHack Anaheim 2020
    - At PAX East 2020
    - At the Steam Game Festival, Summer 2020
    - Developed in UE4

    As a 3D Character Artist:
    2. "Super-Hit Gear Honored" Link:

    - Originally made for Weekly Game Jam within a time span of 5 days
    - Stealth game
    - Parody of other stealth games / action movies (Super-Hot, Hitman, Metal Gear Solid, Dishonored, Mission Impossible, etc.)
    - 2.500+ views and 1200+ downloads on
    - Development team only consisted of 2 members; Me and a friend of mine
    - Developed in UE4

    As a 3D Animator:
    3. "Pumpkin Hack"

    - Casual multiplayer game
    - Winner of the Epic MegaJam 2016 for "Best Gameplay"
    - Halloween-themed
    - Worked on in a small team
    - Developed in UE4

    Contact me, by...
    - Replying on here
    - Sending me a message on ArtStation
    - Adding me on Discord: Michael Fry#3499
    - Sending me an E-Mail:
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    I'm currently available.


      Available again.


        Recent 3D modeling / texturing work

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          Recent work:


            A little compilation of my recent animation work:


              After concentrating mainly on Fiverr for the last few months, I am now available to do contract work again. Shoot me a message, if you're interested. TIA.
              Here's some of my recent work: