Hey everyone,

I'm Andrew. Game designer and community manager in Blackrose Arts. Also I'm responsible for some other stuff but it is another question

If you would like to create a new game or you already have and need to evolve it - I can check out it and share my thoughts.

If you need not the only idea but also a well-detailed description - I can also make a well-polished game design document.

Feel free contact me through meet@andrewdadskil.com and any social web.
All the links here: https://www.andrewdadskil.com/

Evolve your game through excellent idea based on your budget and gaming community desires.

- I have not much time, therefore, please contact me if you are ready to collaborate on Paid terms only. Thanks for understanding.
- Please contact me from the official email of your game/company. If it's possible.
- I don't work on platformers and horrors.