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[PAID] Experienced Multiplayer Gameplay Developer

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    [LFW] [PAID] Experienced Multiplayer Gameplay Developer

    Status: Some Availability

    About Me
    • Over 5 years experience in UE4, C++ and BP
    • Exceptionally experienced with Characters (and CharacterMovementComponent)
    • Built many complex server-authoritative systems with client-side prediction (see "Systems I've Made")
    • Capable of building systems without the need for any tutorials (anything I've listed in Systems I've Made" far exceeds whats available online)
    • Able to modify UE4 itself
    • Spent last 2 years on AAA level project under NDA
    • Used to be a creature/character rigger in film, trained as a 3D generalist (I can write Maya python tools also)
    What I'm Looking For
    • Remote Jobs that are ~1-2 months in length
    • Indie fee is $80/hr, can be quoted in advance
    • Non-indie fee is $140-200/hr decided following consultation
    Things I'm particularly good at
    • Optimizing for performance, network and CPU bandwidth in particular
    • Structure and organization, particularly important for large projects
    • I can make entire games on my own - coding, art, and all. I can make full prototypes to test your ideas with solid grounding that can be expanded into a full game without redoing anything - simply replace and expand
    • Complex animation graph setup
    • Character movement - my work integrates seamlessly with existing movement systems
    • I can recreate anything from most games, whether its Mario Odyssey or BOTW or Witcher or Bioshock or BFV, as good as or better than the original. : )
    Discord preferred or PM here. Discord: Minion#3554

    Systems I've Made
    All have multiplayer capability with server-authority and client-side prediction and correction where applicable for hacker-free gameplay that feels like you have 0ms

    These specific systems aren't available for purchase as they belong to the person I was working for. Under NDA but smaller samples can be whipped up as proof for the right client.

    Projectile System
    Capable of firing projectiles over 2,000RPM and 100,000cm/s velocity from many sources with highly optimized physically based projectiles - actors in the world with velocity, gravity for bullet drop, optional ricochet. Besides the aforementioned client-side prediction these also support rewinding actors and had a system built on top to hit specific parts of the body - highly accurate! Built on top of my object pool plugin for low/no cost projectile spawning with highly optimized replication behaviour.

    Pooling System
    Efficient and intelligent object pooling with optimized replication and spawning.

    Item & Equipment System
    Fully featured equipment system with custom item slots, usable items, all running on a state machine for complex behaviour.

    Weapons System
    An extensive system for weapons on characters, vehicles, ships and anything else. More comprehensive than BFV

    Date & Time System
    Custom/arbitrary months, seasons, days in week, time-scale. Persists without any form of storage (including randomized behaviours such as weather) - Achieved with a custom time-scale relative to real world time. In-game event system based on game's time of day allows planning events such as supply drops the same way you'd enter your own events into google calendar Highly optimized replication appropriately enforces time synchronization.

    Orbit & Occlusion System
    Built over the Date & Time System. Planets follow an orbit and can orbit other planets (moons), and interacts with the accompanying system that computes occlusion and light temperature based on the occlusion of light due to planets and their atmospheres interfering; planet atmosphere density and falloff is customizable. Allows simulating a real universe however dissimilar to our own. Results in a natural, organic, and extremely pretty day/night cycle.

    Mortality Component
    Extension of the damage system present in UE4, a friendly interface for any and all actors to take damage, and pawns to deal damage, observe damage (in certain cases) in a much tidier and easier to use system that replicates everything out of the box as necessary in an efficient manner.

    View State System
    Smoothly handles any and all camera transitions for character state changes (crouch, sprint, etc) or switching between cameras seamlessly with proper view blending that never hitches or pops regardless of number of cameras, position in existing transition, etc.

    Character Movement
    Added angular velocity and acceleration to CharacterMovementComponent to create wing suits that fly without any rotation limitations, fully integrated into the prediction system. Also added sprinting, floor sliding, and other movement systems.

    Interaction System
    System for players to interact with actors in the world such as doors, panels, buttons, and even other players (eg. reviving another player). Replication uses only a single byte to maintain state of any interactable actors.

    Character Systems
    Turn in place system that can maintain the character always facing the camera while still taking actual steps to turn with simplistic animation setup (most TIP systems are convoluted). Made a system for character to equip heels and have animations adjust at runtime. Built complex animation graphs.
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    [ Videos / images of things I've made ]

    This is a plugin I made recently, semi-procedural locomotion for UE4 Looks killer with a proper animation set & character

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      I've finished up a couple of jobs and my plugin (shown in the video above). Available for one more client over the next month.


        Vaei aka Minion has helped my project immensely over the course of 2-3 months, he's very dedicated to his work and gets the job done. He's created IMO the best locomotion character system that's publicly available (or will be soon). He can be a bit headstrong sometimes but you get that when it comes to higher level programmers Try him out, he'll take care of anything you throw at him.


          We've been using Vaei the last couple of months to help in various capacity. He is quick, knowledgeable, and very collaborative with the team. We've gotten so used to working with him that we treat him as a remote resource for us, which is great to have when you are half way around the world. If you need back up or an extension of your team, I highly recommend having Vaei onboard. He's a life saver when your team is stretched and you can't get to everything in your backlog.


            ill like to speak on opportunity. i have discord and skype


              Originally posted by gamekingstudio View Post
              ill like to speak on opportunity. i have discord and skype
              You can message me on the discord tag in the Contact section


                Hi Vaei, I reached out through discord. Would love to talk more with you.


                  I have time for 1 client now