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    [PAID] [LFW] C++/BP Programmer


    General Programming (C++, C#, Python, Lua). Most experience with audio, RPG, gameplay and UI systems.
    Standalone applications development and pipeline automation deployment.
    Interactive music composition and integration.

    Previous projects

    Cyberpunk 2077 (audio programmer): creating systemic solutions (automatic locomotion sounds triggering), hooking up audio handling with gameplay, quest, cinematics and UI, developing and maintaining an internal audio data management tool, helping out on the frontend of an automated VO mastering pipeline, intergrating audio triggers and dynamic audio data using the RED Engine and Audiokinetic's Wwise.

    Console port of Frostpunk (generalist programmer): adapting UI and gameplay code to PS4 and XBoxOne requirements, reworking UI assets, coding up console-specific handling for profiles, saves and lifetime management requirements.

    The Witcher 3 expansion packs(QA/ audio QA): documenting audio integration and development pipelines, creating test cases and managing swarm feature tests, implementing small audio features, debugging and fixing bugs using both the RED Engine and Audiokinetic's Wwise.

    Vidar (composer): composed, mixed and mastered all the music used in the game.

    Batman: Arkham Knight (QA)

    Additional info

    Former CD Projekt RED developer looking for a change of pace and keen to meet new people.
    Remote work only, but willing to travel every now and then if need be.
    Currently available ~20hrs/week, but open to go full-time depending on the project and the offer.
    I'm starting my commercial UE4 experience, I'm sure we can figure out a reasonable rate.
    I've worked a lot with both visual and text scripting.
    I run a blog at


    adrian.jakubiak.programmer gmail address
    private message on this forum
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    I'm still available for a new project.