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AAA Hardsurface specialist looking for work

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    [PAID] AAA Hardsurface specialist looking for work

    Hey there, I am Ohle a Hardsurface specialist that is looking for freelance work.

    • Hardsurface modeling
    • Strong understanding of PBR texturing
    • Able to create optimized game models for limited budget scenarios
    • Able to create optimized UVs for limited texture budgets
    • Able to create 3D model based on a simple concept art
    • Suggest ideas during asset creation based on loose concept art
    • Strong communication skills
    • Able to explain and teach workflows to other artists
    • Able to follow workflow set on the project
    • Able to work with task tracking tools such as Perforce and JIRA
    Previous Work:
    I provided assets for games like Black ops 4 and other not announced AAA titles.
    Also i worked for smaller teams like the guys behind Cold Comfort.

    Additional Information:
    • Fluent English.
    • Available 5 days a week.

    Contacts: or pm me here.

    Heres my Portfolio.