Programming C++/UE4:
  • Using C++ 11/14 with UE4 API (and DirectX)
  • High interest in algorithms and optimization
  • RenderDoc, NSight rendering debugging
  • Understanding of PBR pipeline in DirectX 11 rendering
  • Prototyping and integration of UE4 Blueprints with C++
  • Git (SourceTree, Git cmd), Subversion (Tortoise), Plastic SCM
  • Basics of materials in UE4 Editor
  • Knowledge of Jira software
  • C# oriented on working in Unity engine
  • Optimization using Unity Profiler – code, physics, mostly focused on rendering optimization and budgeting including console development
  • B2 English (finished English course at AGH University B2 level)

Previous Work:
  • TBA, team with about 25 members, UE4:
    • Designing code architecture for further gameplay development
    • Working close with designers to integrate Blueprints with C++
    • Using modern C++ (C++11/14) with Unreal Engine 4 API
  • God's Trigger, team with about 25 members, Unity -
    • Implementing new gameplay features and mechanics
    • Debugging and cleaning existing code
    • Optimizing game – code performance, physics usage, reducing unnecessary rendering
    • Creating tools with UnityEditor class
    • Working with issues regarding consoles optimization
  • Amateur, HOPA/VN game created with one designer and artist: (0:00-0:25
    • Dialogues system with dedicated editor
    • UI animations made with C# and Animator
Personal Projects:
  • Ancient Drone Remake – 2D DirectX11 Engine:
    • Recreate game jam 2D game using DirectX11, C++, HLSL
    • Physics engine, rendering pipeline based on billboards
    • Map editor based on tiles, XML files using Tiled
  • LEngine – Forward rendering Engine (In progress):
    • Materials editor generating HLSL code (based on UE4)
    • Base scene management
    • PBR pipeline with multiple lights
    • IBL with skybox and environment map generation
    • Postprocess stack
And many other games presented in 2017 Game Development Reel.



Discord: komilll #1994
Unreal Engine Forum PM

Additional Information:
  • Available to work ~30-40h per week until September (I work full-time on daily basis) and ~20-25h after September
  • Remote work only
  • Mostly interested in code optimization, code architecture, good practices of clean code and algorithms
  • Prefered working on core mechanics and system architure (GameManager, Loading system and other underhood systems) and/or gameplay