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[PAID] [CONTRACT] [LFW] Chris Szkoda - VR Modeller

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    [LFW] [PAID] [CONTRACT] [LFW] Chris Szkoda - VR Modeller

    Howdy, my name is Chris. I am a VR Modeller. I enjoy creating content within Virtual Reality such as MasterpieceVR, Gravity Sketch and Kodon. I am hoping in the future the 3D industries such as games and films will adopt more in using VR as a tool.
    I used to work as a Mixed/Virtual Reality Designer working for the Korean company DoubleMe to develop holographic application tools for clients or creators to play around with their content. Right now I enjoy helping out other projects with VR, MR, Games, and a bit of VFX.

    Skillset(s): VR Modeller
    • 2 years in the VR industry (Virtual Reality Experiences)
    • 2 years in the MR Industry (Mixed Reality Experiences)
    VR Modelling Software Skills:
    • Oculus Medium
    • MasterpieceVR
    • Masterpiece Motion (VR Rigging)
    • Kodon
    • Gravity Sketch
    • Google Tilt Brush
    Other Software Skills:
    • Autodesk Maya
    • Substance Painter (Still experimenting with VR models)
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe AfterEffects
    • Adobe Premiere
    • Unreal Engine 4
    • Unity
    • Mudbox

    Previous Work:

    Freelance Game Designer / VR Modeller
    In my spare time, I enjoy working on building levels for VR experiences


    DoubleMe -
    Role - Mixed / Virtual Realty Designer / Marketing / QA

    To create and develop Holographic apps for HoloLens (Mixed Reality Headsets) within DoubleMe as well as doing Quality Assurance in testing the application in which clients with HoloLens can access the applications for their use.

    British Embassy (Berlin):
    Victoria and Albert Museum:
    StarWars Producer visit
    BBC Click with Holograndpa

    BeatSaber -
    Group Research Project with Beatsaber, Deaf Rave Society and SubPac

    The research was helping out people with deaf problems to compete against gamers on BeatSaber by using SubPac vibration vests to feel the beats of the music.


    Role - Hackstock Curator

    In my spare time, I'd been helping out with the crew to set up and curtate Hackstock at the Sci-Fi London Film Festival with the fun kit to play with such as VR, MR, Holographic Display, Subpac and many more. To give the feeling of being in the film called Hackers to have deep experience at Hackstock.


    VR Modelling Portfolio




    Twitter: @ChrisSzkoda

    Additional Information:
    • Live in London, UK.
    • Free at anytime
    • Im happy to travel
    • Monthly payment
    • If are remote let's discuss

    Comments welcome!
    I understand VR Modelling is in the early stage, that is why I created my blog to support other VR Artists to push the ideas of VR Modelling into an industry pipeline.