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LFW [PAID] Kosala "Kos" Ubayasekara - UE4 Freelancer Blueprints Only | $40/hour

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    LFW [PAID] Kosala "Kos" Ubayasekara - UE4 Freelancer Blueprints Only | $40/hour

    Good day!

    Skillset(s): UE4 Blueprint Only
    • 20 years as a software developer
    • 3 years in UE4.

    Very experienced, disciplined, problem-solving oriented developer. Strong software architecture and object-oriented coding background. Very comfortable with most of the complex and simple frameworks of UE4.

    Work and Portfolio:
    I run my own development studio with a small team and we develop and publish our own titles. I use freelance work to pay for my own costs so I do not need to tax the studio income for my own salary.

    Discord: Kosala#9832

    Commercial Process:
    • Happy to review your needs free of charge and chat on requirements.
    • I cost $40/hour and bill for every 10 hours of work
    • No payment up front needed, I will risk the first 10 hours
    • Work is carried out in a structured, planned and project managed fashion using Trello to document the process during our work together
    • I provide a build to test after every 10 hours of work, once testing is approved - payment is expected. Upon receipt, I move on to the next 10 hours.
    • Payment can be made by PayPal or bank transfer
    Looking forward to hearing about your projects

    best regards