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[PAID] Versatile Freelance 3D Artist

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    [LFW] [PAID] Versatile Freelance 3D Artist

    Hello everyone! I'm Diana, an artist looking for more professional experience and to create amazing stories through games.

    • Focus on stylized 3D character and creature modeling.
    • Knowledgeable of UI design and widget blueprint setups in UE4.
    • Creation of 3D character animations in Maya
    • Creation of Hand painted textures

    • 3D character animator for Milksop Games. Responsible for creating the 3D animations for all characters.
    Game: Heads N Tails: Mythical Petshop.
    Showcase of work done on Vimeo.
    • 3D Artist for Test Studios Games, responsible for creating character models, texturing them, animating them and importing inside UE4.
    Games: Cool Pipo: An Adventure for Climate Change and Tunnel Run.
    Cool Pipo's Character showcase on Vimeo.


    Maya, zBrush, Substance painter, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro and UE4, Perforce

    Additional info
    • Currently based in Rome, Italy. Ideally looking for Remote work.
    • Speak Spanish, English, Italian.
    • Available 5 days a week, more if needed.
    • Negotiable wages.
    Feel free to contact me to start a new project together or just say hi!
    Discord: rotblush#1327

    I'm always looking into learning new skills and workflows while working on personal projects, so I'm looking for opportunities to apply this knowledge in a professional game development environment.

    I love assisting to gamedev meetups to get more into the community and learning from my favorite artists.

    Feel free to leave constructive feedback and I'm looking forward to hearing from you!
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    3D character Animation Showcase. Freelance work done for Milksop Games.

    Checkout more on vimeo.