Hello everyone! I'm Diana, an artist looking for more experience and contribute to projects in games.

  • I focus on 3D character and prop modeling.
  • I got a generalist mindset: I understand the workflow from creating the assets all the way to getting it in engine, ready for the game.
  • If need be, I can setup rigs, animations in UE4.
  • Knowledgeable of UI design and widget blueprint setups in UE4.

Well, I'm looking for opportunities to work in a game developing environment seriously.

Meanwhile I keep learning new skills and techniques working on personal projects, assisting gamedev meetups to get into the community and learning from my favorite artists.

My Artstation
You can also visit my website where I keep all WIPs and finished work together.

Maya, zBrush, Substance painter, Photoshop and UE4

Feel free to contact me for more info or just say hi by email
Looking forward to hearing from you!