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3D Environmental and Weapon Artist Looking for a project

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  • 3D Environmental and Weapon Artist Looking for a project

    Hello ya'll! I have been around these forums for a bit and have kinda disappeared from here for awhile. Anyways I was recently layed off from my job and now seem to have a good amount of time, and I was going to start my own game project, but really don't want to do every single aspect of it as I am just an artist. I know Unreal Engine 4 fairly well.

    That being said I am looking for a promising and interesting project to work on for Royalty or Contract.
    I have been doing 3D for about 6 years. Due to work and day to day life I haven't had a lot of time to perfect my art, but i know the ins and outs of the programs and now I just need a project to get my drive going to pump out some art!

    Programs I use.
    Substance Paiter
    Unreal Engine 4
    Maya 2018
    Zbrush 4r8
    Marmoset Toolbag
    I dabble in Substance Designer a bit

    Comment below what ya got! Here is my portfolio!
    Also some time lapse of my workflow can be found here.

    Leave your project's below! Hope to work with a team soon!

    Some of my work from my portfolio is linked below in pictures.
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    We are looking for an environment artist:

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    Are you still looking to be apart of a team on a royalties based contract? If so I would like to talk further and give you my vision for a game I'm developing. I would prefer to talk on Discord or email!

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