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Victor D. Goossens - Technical Artist / Programmer / Level Designer

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    [PAID] Victor D. Goossens - Technical Artist / Programmer / Level Designer

    A custom post-processing material that shows edges based on normal variation. Can be tweaked to achieve 'real' wireframes.

    Who I am:
    I am a passionate, self-taught developer with nearly two years of experience in Unreal Engine and over four years of experience in Unity. I have worked on multiple projects, many of which have never seen the light of day. The most prominent project I work on is a tycoon game being published by Crytivo Games: Prehistoric Kingdom. My preferred activities in my own time revolve around technical art and solving problems I run into while doing level design on large worlds. My main challenge, as a perfectionistic person who sees patterns very quickly, to make things occur as natural as possible, instead of noticeably and distractingly artificial, like so many games.
    Work in progress Foliage Placement System. Place tens of thousands of foliage clusters in seconds, with complete artistic control over the spawns.

    What I do:
    I do paid contract work in the following market segments:
    • Technical Art (This does not include Particle Effects)
    • Blueprint
    • Level Design
    • Consultancy and Tutoring
    My preferred fields are Technical Art, Consultancy and Tutoring. Level Design is largely an overlap with Technical Art due to my large interest in making (primarily natural) levels look good.

    AFK-screen' for livestreams. Fully dynamic lighting, custom materials, terrain material with optimized Parallax Occlusion Mapping

    Porfolio located at:
    I also run a YouTube channel with portfolio and my game-development philosophies:

    Contact me for quotes and further information/portfolio. For quickest response times, approach me through one of these channels:Alternatively, contact me on this thread or through PMs.
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    Technical Artist / Programmer / Level Designer