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3D Artist needed to collaborate on terrifying survival horror.

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    [ROYALTY] 3D Artist needed to collaborate on terrifying survival horror.

    Hello people!

    I'm looking for a 3D artist interested in collaborating on my latest project. It's a survival horror game somewhat inspired by Silent Hill, a bit of Resident Evil, and even some American Horror Story. It will hopefully fill the hole that the recently cancelled Silent Hills has left.

    My background is actually in Film/Visual Effects, but I'm currently on a break from it in order try my hand at game development. I just can't sit by while the Survival Horror Genra fades into obscurity.

    I started using UE4 3 weeks ago and I've been working on this for a about two weeks. It's already playable (if short). All the major features I wanted in the game are there, albeit some are there as placeholders. Such as the note system. To give you a sense of progress I'll quickly reel off the features that have been implemented. Omitting the obvious like movement etc...

    True FPS character, sprint...
    Flashlight with battery value and HUD widget, also events to make it flicker or die
    Doors, locks, keys and interactive environmental basic stuff (such as a piano or a switch)
    Objective System (volume blueprint, linked to a value in the player BP)
    Hint system, similar to objective system except fire and forget.
    Perception Based AI creature with EQS, she'll wander around until she sees an enemy pawn you or hears something before running at them (she has an attack state in the enum and a state machine to work with it but I'm yet to implement an actual attack, she just awkwardly runs into the player at this point)
    A dictaphone that emits static whenever you are near an enemy or when there's some spooky sh*t going down.
    A note system, exposed text value draws onto a parchment texture, this is a place holder though, I want an in world 3D interaction system, which I will get on very soon

    There was an inventory aswell. But I scrapped it as I wanted a 3D space inventory which I'm currently working on.

    What do I want? ... Well I want a talented artist, to join me on this project. Someone that can craft modular environmental 3D assets as well as props. I can handle the coding, blueprints, level design, sound design and everything else, but as hard as I try I am not a 3D artist, so I need help. I have exhausted my use of paid assets from the asset store, so I find myself at an impass. Nobody likes playing a game and walking past the same **** bookshelf a hundred times.

    I have a clear idea in my mind as to where the game is going and what narrative it follows. So if you need to know anymore please ask.

    I intend on putting the game through Greenlight, because why not? It'll be a good game. I hope that you will be able to help.

    I've attatched a bunch of media below, a short announcement teaser I'll be using to announce it on Halloween next week, and a bunch of stills I took while playing. I wouldn't expect you to show interest without anything interesting to look at of course



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    Hey, this looks and sounds fantastic! Do you need a composer? I am coming off 2 horror video game projects and would love to discuss this in further detail. Feel free to PM me anytime.
    My recent work can be found on my website here:

    Thanks & all the best,


      I would love to compose music for this game too but since John came before me, I would be really interested in any future titles of yours. Unfortunately, I don't have any previous works on games to showcase yet, due to the reason that the games that I currently work on are still under development. But you can find my personal work @ &

      I have to agree though that the game looks fantastic, great work.
      Composer | Sound Designer


        Loved the trailer and would love to work on this game making 3D assets. I'm new to modeling and have been working on blender for the past few months modeling and animating. I'd love for the opportunity to work on a project like this.


          I'll help you out with the 3D stuff,,


          skype: Taylor Brandenburger