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    [UNPAID] Developers for a survival horror project

    Hello there!

    My name is Justin and I'm the founder of a very small development group called Natural Games. We're currently only 2 people, that's why we're looking for people who want to join us to create awesome games for free (though we're thinking about taking money for our current project). We hope to get more and more members from all over the world soon for our current project and maybe for future projects, too. We're currently working on a huge project which I'm going to present here. But first, you can read some information about the group and our aims if you're interested.

    Small overview about my portfolio:
    I have started with game development about 3 years ago. My first project was a mod for Amnesia - The dark descent (HPL Engine). Unfortunately I got bored of that and gave it up. After that, I decided to work with the UDK 3. I learned a lot and got used to it really fast. And then, after the UE4 was available, I immediately started working with it. And now we finally started our first project with it.







    Of course we want to finish the game as early as possible, but we don't want to stress anyone. Life is hard, nobody will be forced to work 20 hours a week. If you're interested in one of the positions or if you have any question simply contact me:

    Justin Falkenstein
    Skype: naturalgames

    Please also tell us if you're interested in joining our group for future projects or just for this one.

    Thanks for reading. Have a great day!
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    Dear Justin

    thanks for your post.
    sorry it's taken me so long to write. been making games :-).
    I hope you're well.
    I' be happy to join your group.

    best wishes


      Hello. I'd be interested as joining as a sound designer. I have been producing various of music for the past 10 years or so,
      I do not have a proper portfolio ready as of yet, but I have a few games that I've done and a few commercials.

      The things I usuall design are either sci-fi /post-apocalyptic or horror. We are also working as a team to provide interactive installations and experiences where I deliver procedural audio content, so I have a very good understanding on how to create assets for a game or an interactive situation and how to vary them properly.

      There's a few things here, but it's mostly experiemtns for noise my noise-project: but I can provide more game-oriented if needed as a PM, as I am still working on setting up a proper portfolio.

      I can work with Unreal Engine and it's own system or integrate with FMOD (currently working on Wwise but not there yet), whichever you prefer.
      I am busy though, but I really love horror-sounddesign