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Looking for COLLABORATION BETWEEN TEAM to achieve GAMES and talk about it SOLO are welcome too !

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    [UNPAID] Looking for COLLABORATION BETWEEN TEAM to achieve GAMES and talk about it SOLO are welcome too !

    Hi Folks ! If you dont want to read my blabla go directely on the section next to the Real United Teams 4 Games Society Banner.

    I realized while designing my independent game project
    many problems arise whose principal is not technical but team members of the general way.

    The new members integrated into the teams are often enthusiastic at first and later the motivation decline,
    less participation in the project or no more news from them or they quit the group without giving any reasons...

    I can understand the reasons that led some members to do so when there is an independent games based on free or royalty as the financial engine is not immediately present,
    and that's a shame because create an independant game and foremost a passion for designing video games with the excellent tool that is Unreal Engine 4.

    That's why I decided to create this post to collaboration between teams and help each other with motivated,serious and steady peoples.
    Also give a chance to the beginner who wishes to join a team.

    On this post we talk about :
    - To present your project or link that leads to your project.
    - Submit your cooperation.
    - Eventually describe what services or skills of your members you offer and what your needs are.
    - If you are alone and want to join a team, explain your wishes, your disponibility, etc...
    - Talk about your sad experiences.
    - Exposing fake profiles, a list already exists in this forum here
    - Give good advices, links or tips for recruiting.
    - Your advices to manage an independent team or lead a project to success.
    - Provide useful tools like or ,etc... to plan, manage a team or anything that may be related to help the creation of an Independent game team.
    - Or simply review about this subject.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	RUTGS_zpsok03atsh.jpg
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ID:	1176638

    For groups, teams, individuals, solo dev, neewbie in game developpement, etc... who intend to join the new
    RUTGS* Real United Teams 4 Games Society,

    i count on you to be joyfull, respectfull, intelligent, helpfull, open mind and follow these steps :

    1) Take the time to fill this template,
    it will be your reference and help the other teams/mates to find and collaborate with you on this post:

    Exemple of TEMPLATE :
    Team Name: Name of the team, if you are alone leave it blank
    Name: Jonny Walker (use link to link to your forum profile)
    Location: Your country
    Project Name: name of your project
    Type of Game: ACTION or RPG or FPS, etc... with a short description if you like
    Project Link: link of your project in the forum
    Website: homepage of the projet or related website
    Portfolio: link of previous works

    My skills: UE4: BP 3/5, Shadering 1/5, etc...
    Graphics or other category: 3D Modeler 4/5, Rigging 2/5, etc...
    if you have an other category skills add it with your level of mastering ?/5
    Softs: Maya 4/5, Zbrush 2/5, etc...
    If you are alone, you dont need to add these of course.
    Team Members: 5 How many team members are you ?
    My Team Mates Skills: same stuff above
    Mate 1: Programmer C++ 1/5, BP 4/5
    Mate 2: 3D animator on Maya 2/5, etc...

    The services exchange or helps, etc...
    I or We Need: a 3D animator on Blender to make our character run like forrest gump
    I or We Offer: a 3D rigged model of homer simpson, BP for scoring system

    Empty TEMPLATE to copy paste :
    Team Name:
    Project Name:
    Type of Game:
    Project Link:
    My skills:
    Team Members:
    My Team Mates Skills:
    Mate 1:
    Mate 2:
    We Need:
    We Offer:

    2) Join the collaborative RUTGS Skype Channel on
    If the link doesnt work PM me with your Skype name then i'll add you.

    3) Contact Me in the Skype Channel
    then i will check if you fill well the template
    then you will send me your E-Mail
    then i'll grant you an access to the GDrive Shared Folder with Usefull Ressources
    and tricks to help the developpement of your indie Game.

    4) Check often this post!
    new teams/Mates will register then you can contact them and collaborate.
    Also be kind and recruit or help newbies, i'm sure they have a great potential if they are well guided,
    their post

    Members list : (click on the name to jump to his details)

    AdamF - SOLO
    M. H. - SOLO
    Nawrot - Softcritter TEAM
    HoseinMohamady - SOLO
    MinaraiGames - Ryan Jackson - SOLO
    Shin-Kaneda Team - Sayato - TEAM

    PS: Sorry for my bloody english and i wish all the best to all teams that follow their dreams !
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    Hi sayato,

    I've always wondered what could be achieved if all the Devs in projects that are not attracting or losing talent joined forces. I think the challenge of collaboration between these teams is coordinating aspects of development that can be 'shared' between the projects to achieve some sort of mutual progression. One is in the same situation if there is no commonality between the projects that dependends on VOLUNTEERS.
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      Hey TechLord ! Short time no see, you are every where ! hehe

      Aaaaah to be Volunteers or not to be.. That is the question

      That make sense what you say.

      As i know big studio's works together to achieve incredible games like GTA.
      Off course it's about Money and outsourcing but I like to think they get free deals sometimes by exchanging services each others, i draw you a car you make me a soundtrack.

      Volunteers or not, if teams help each other they will climb up for sure


        Originally posted by sayato View Post
        Hey TechLord ! Short time no see, you are every where ! hehe

        Aaaaah to be Volunteers or not to be.. That is the question

        That make sense what you say.

        As i know big studio's works together to achieve incredible games like GTA.
        Off course it's about Money and outsourcing but I like to think they get free deals sometimes by exchanging services each others, i draw you a car you make me a soundtrack.

        Volunteers or not, if teams help each other they will climb up for sure
        I doubt Commercial Developers require such deals, because they earn a living. By earning a living, they can concentrate all their focus, talent, and time to the end product. We Independent Game Developers operate on a completely different development model, mostly based on Spare Volunteered Time and Low Budgets.

        For these reasons, Development Teams in the community should Unite. However, as each Team desires to focus on their own game. This creates several management issues. In my opinion, Teams unite with intent to utilize the same subsystems & resources so that progression is made on multiple projects. - S P A G H E T T I: Ninja Swords, Guns & Monsters & Other S**t! - Join Our Discord


          I think you're confusing some terms; the only distinction between an indie and non-indie game developer as a corporate entity is that one has a publishing deal and the other does not (ergo, is independent). Most, if not all, independent developers are commercial entities (e.g. a public limited company). If a team is not a commercial entity, you're amateur or hobbyist - important distinctions from a number of perspectives.


            Yeah the amateur way didn't work perfectely from my actual experience...
            I was too cool and it's impossible to manage team mates because they do what they want when they want.

            That's why i'm turning into a more professional aproach now, thanks for the confirmations of my sots, i'll build a little comapny and contracts even it's a royalties share.

            By the way i have a friend that work in a big studio he will help us to promote or sponsorise our game.
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              I'm interested in this. I'm a beginner at 3D modeling and Blueprints, but I know the theories & overall ideas/concepts very well. I also know how to run an organization and delegate tasks. I'm a much better operations manager and director than I am at doing any one single job. I operate a company that does millions in revenue(not profit, revenue) each year. I manage the spending, inventory, marketing & processes involved. Basically if the company is an organism I'm the brain and my employees/partners are every other organ & limb.

              I've developed my own demo/prototype out of pocket, and that's the only reason it hasn't gone any further (need more money!). I find it easy and pleasurable to work between different departments and skill sets to achieve an overall and larger goal. Just like every. single. human. here: I have a lot of great ideas, I'm good at mingling & mixing ideas to keep the best of each and evolve a project into something greater than the original scope.

              I'd be interested in joining the team, not as a developer or designer (though I could probably take on some tasks in this realm), but as a manager & director. If that is even a position that could be available.

              If the team members have passion & work ethic then anything is possible. Sure, with a big budget things can happen faster, but if we all pitch in a little bit every week then we'll get there. I can get from NYC to L.A. as long as I keep putting one foot in front of the other. (Or I guess I could use miles & book a flight )

              Oh, and I have a Mixamo account, if we need free animations. Or we could use Mixamo animations as a base animation and the animator can tweak them as needed to save time.


                In my opinion a Royalty Share can work if all Codevelopers involved have a passion for the Project. A Royalty Share still relies on Volunteered Time, even with a Contract. Without Passion, the cohesion and motivation will eventually break down. Getting Codevelopers to fall in love with the Project requires inclusion of their ideas, fast results, and equitable swap of resources. The incentive of future profits is not simply not enough. I recently experienced this.

                I was working with another Developer on their First Person Open World Survivor project, my project was a First Person Dragon Crawl. They offered 3D Art Assets, I offered Blueprints. I joined their Open World Survivor with the intention of integrating common FPS game-play Combat mechanics and RPG Skills & Inventory Sub-systems for my Dungeon Crawl. This way I could achieve progress on both projects simultaneously. The inner workings for both Projects would use the same Blueprints, with completely different aesthetics on the outside.

                It ended up being a one-way lop-sided deal as they were focused with strictly developing level assets for their game world. Unfortunately, the assets produced were not designed in a modular fashion, thus not flexible to be re-purposed for use in my game (or other future games for that matter). I provided Blueprints, but, did not receive any 3D assets in return. I eventually begin to focus on other aspects of my own game, simply losing interest in theirs.

                In truth, each Codeveloper is here to develop their game. Techlord wants to develop this, sayato wants to develop this, zlspradlin wants to develop this. If there is no interest in each others game concept, focusing on each others project is extremely difficult. Such collaboration requires a different strategy. Firstly, we have to acknowledge we're not developing a single project, we're developing multiple projects. This requires engineering and designing assets to be modular and customizable for use in multiple projects to achieve progress on all of them simultaneously. Identifying common assets and subsystems for use in multiple projects is a step in the correct direction.
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                  I like what you said TechLord. So I suppose that we need to come up with project that meets all those requirements? Personally I kind of dig sayato's concept if we can make it super customizable and competitive with a great loot/drop/reward system. I think the battle arena is simple enough yet common enough between all of us.

                  Also, I'm not worried about reusing any assets from this group project in my personal project, and I don't mind if I can't do so. Your game and sayato's are pretty similar that maybe you two could co-mingle assets though. My game is on hold until I get more money or a qualified pro-bono/royalty programmer anyway.

                  I'm most concerned about a fun, customizable, competitive game that would be ****ing bad *** to play.


                    I agree that on the surface the concept of Arena Combat is common among all the Games, but what about the uncommon concepts between them? Im not interested in such a collaboration to develop a single game. I want to develop all of our games simultaneously. To achieve this, I seek solutions to synchronize the development efforts to achieve forward progression on all the at the same time. Modular Design, Centralized Resource Storage, Collaborative GameWorld/ Entity Editing, are on my list.

                    1. Storing all the resources in a common location w/ version control. Perforce, SVN, and GitHub?
                    2. Merge all Games into Common One. How? Each Codeveloper's game concept can be included under the same umbrella, implemented as a GameMode/Sub-GameModes. This modular approach would allow the Games define separate rules, utilizing the same code base and play test. Each Game could use different Startup Configuration/Front-end to appear a independent product.

                      Code is already shared across multiple projects using Unreal Engine's core subsystems ie Physics, ParticleSystems, Networking, etc. We would share higher level subsystems built atop of core subsystems. Examples of Shared Higher level Subsystems are in The Unreal Marketplace (UMP). In which multiple game products are using modified versions UMP BP Modules and Art Assets. In fact, I started this RPG with to experiment with integrating as many UMP Assets I can get my hands no into a single game.

                      The Audio/Visual {3D Meshes, Materials, Music SoundFX, GUI} presentation is what will give each Game its own artistic theme. In the area of A/V, I feel that granular, modular entity design offers the greatest re-use and flexibility in a broader Artistic Range. I must stress that being able to use the all Resources in all the GameModes is very critical for this to strategy to work. If we do not accept that we're working on multiple projects simultaneously, we'll find ourselves back in silos again. Each Codevelopers will need to slightly adjust their Artistic Theme to synchronize development effort.

                      Skill swapping is also a goal here. Why wait for a programmer, when you have a few in this Collab? I'm a code-centric Game Dev, not much of a 3D Artist [yet], thus content for my games is the greatest challenge. All of the projects I've joined and recruitment threads I post are with intent to solicit Artistic Talent explicitly or implicitly for developing Dragon'$ Gold (my primary and final Game Dev Project). Unfortunately, I have not had much success. It has been discouraging at times. But, I refuse to give up. I have to come to terms, that I may never form a development team to work on Dragon'$ Gold for Royalty share.

                      So to fill in the void of content for my game, I purchase content from UMP with intent to programmatically modify them to some degree for uniqueness. I have found myself redesigning Dragon'$ Gold's Artistic Theme around the Art assets that I can acquire. Thus, I repeat:"Each Codevelopers will need to slightly adjust their Artistic Theme to synchronize development effort."
                    3. Identify Game Mechanics and SubSystems that be cross-integrated with minimum customization.
                    4. Identify A/V resources that can be cross-integrated with customization.
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                      Originally posted by sayato View Post
                      Hi Folks !
                      Hi [MENTION=38131]sayato[/MENTION],
                      if you ask me, then it's not a bad thing to dev solo.
                      Problem is only when project grows so big, that it's alone hard to handle.

                      Then you take someone in the team, explain stuff for hours and in the end, you get nothing useful back.
                      I know some other devs from chat and some of them have similar problems.
                      One of them is really scared before launch about the steam community.
                      He could launch since two months, but he do not stop polishing, because he is afraid about a bad tuber review.
                      I mean really "scared". That thing makes his brain so much pressure, impossible to relax for him.
                      Close to burnout, fun is gone for him.

                      In the moment they launch the project, you get some fresh problems added to the list.
                      Supporttime eats up devtime at some point.
                      When there is no active comm or you get some haters, then things could get worst quick.
                      Biggest problem is, when you loose motivation and focus.

                      For me personal i choosed a style without complicated animations, to speed things up, thinking now about multilegged ik setups and learning animation blueprints(changing concept).
                      Learning will freeze other stuff and i know, when i could handle anim BP well, i will change/add other stuff too.
                      Hard decision like always. I think i am in the meanwhile a good allrounder, but sure not perfect at any sector.
                      To be "perfect" or better, i would have to focus on one sector code/animation/meshing/ui.
                      That would it make impossible to dev solo..

                      When i now decide to use ik for multilegs for example, then i have to split again my projectrelated freetime.

                      All what i write here is my personal experience and has not to reflect reality.
                      Pro's are a completely other thing. If you ask me, they like to join, when everything is set in stone and project short before launch.
                      But when you get one early it has not to be a good thing.
                      Some try to make clear that without their knowledge nothing projectrelated ever would happen, because they are in some sort of arrogant godmode.
                      They adapt not your workflow, soon they suggest changing yours, using different software, or are completely greedy.
                      Some time ago an advanced BP coder (no pro) wanted to join and he wanted only 50% when game is launched.
                      50% was the highest, but i got ranges from 15%-50%, a bit greedy feeling, if you ask me.

                      Soon when more ppl are joining, you need a projectlead min, or you have to do it.
                      For example i found a very creative musican and we are on one level, very fun to work with. Like interacting gears.
                      While posting stuff of my project really some well known musicans wanted to join too, i was so hyped about that. Feeled so well, some sort of importance. ^^
                      So far i could had around ten very well musicans so far.
                      While chatting and explaining, i checked that it gives me/the project no positive push at that point.
                      I cancelled anything, aside the one musican. Creatives are sometimes strange/hard to handle, same counts for me. (Haters where born)

                      Or the greedy's:
                      An example While i searched for an AI coder, i found someone from germany. Intense chatting for hours, discussing about extending the system (changes).
                      In the end he took some stuff and then silence.
                      Was not the first time and i give always the same asset out to test ppl.
                      I gave it four(!) times to ppl for the same task and nothing happened in the end.
                      Four ppl x five hours enterchatting is more then a week trashed freetime for me.

                      I am very happy that i do it for fun and fun is directing my way of handling things.
                      I got suggested making a Kickstarter, but for that counts the same.
                      Not easy to handle for one alone and i bet it will add exactly the sort of pressure onto me, i do not like.

                      The biggest pressure would be, to make Backers feel, that i am serious with the project.
                      Not like some of the other "new" scammers there.
                      New, because the do not take the cash and go.
                      They take the cash and work slow for years, till backers loose interest, it seems.
                      Examples are there enough i do not want to call names here.

                      It's very hard to find ppl to interact well with. Loyal Teamplayers are rare, if you ask me.
                      Many out there, with their own big dreams.
                      When you connect two projects together with big dreams, you get even more bigger dreams, but no speedup in anything.

                      Gamejams seem to be a good thing to sort out ppl for team, but i tried it only once and that experience was so strange, i will never have that again.

                      Only my 50 cent
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                      My small game on IndieDB ****** Beams on Twitter ****** Beams on Steam ****** VideoStuff ****** PictureStuff
                      UE brings Math back into my life or i am not sure.


                        Hey guys ! Pretty interestings posts there !

                        I like the game idea of Techlord

                        Luftbauch you got some skills, what is the link of your actual project ?

                        zlspradlin you look to be motivated any link of your actual project ?

                        Here an exemple of someone encounter the same problems as a explain before...

                        Notice: Must dedicate at the minimum 10 hours a week unless given a special requests due to personal matters. Must be the age of 18 or older no exceptions. We have a major 7 day no show rule. if you leave without telling one of the members in some way, shape, or form. You will be removed from team no questions asked. If you have a vacation, illness, or any other personal matter that requires your attention for more than 7 days in a row and keeping you away from the project and team, then you need to let someone know. We realize everyone has personal matters but it only takes a second to let someone know, so were not holding up the rest of the team waiting for you specially if you have a pending assignment due. This is to help keep the serious people weeded out from the rest and keep our team functioning smooth as possible.

                        If you are okay with the above conditions then we would love to have you if the position and position requirements are met, again thanks for the interest in our project.
                        Then on
                        Project is on hold due to lack of dedicated members and budget. So for the meantime were developing our much smaller FPS project to assist with both earlier stated issues.
                        This is too bad, it's a shame to read this, yet there's potencial and they seems to have a pretty complete team.

                        Well... Here what i suggest and tell me if it's a good idea or not and if you are interested to join this.

                        I can help you to centralise and organise a common project or a usefull prototype template that you can use in your games.
                        I will need someone like zlspradlin to help me to handle this project and group if you are interested guys.

                        1) Cloud share of UE4 Project
                        With my team we experiment a cloud share of a UE4 file project and we can work on it simultanousely like a perfoce (but perforce have to pay if your team grow)
                        The little anoying thing with this technic, is the last saved work overide previous ones, well its about trust with team mates and you can make a local copy backup.

                        Organise ideas and logicals path, sketches, GDD, etc...
                        You can work on all together simultaneously, it's fast and easy.

                        Also in sharing mode, i like Gdrive Google Draw for quick and clean build, here some exemples : ( I deliberately blurred )

                        3) Communication
                        Skype is heavy but still a great tool for chat, voice, chat, screen shares, small file exchange, screensshots, etc...
                        Team viewer for remote computer control
                        and here the UE4 Forum !

                        I can make a Skype chat room for people who are interested to collaborate on a common project + their projects and exchange skills, services, etc...

                        On this Forum post we ask a template of people who will join like for exemple:

                        Name: Jonny Walker
                        Location: Wonderland
                        Project: link2theproject on the forum
                        Website: homepage of the projet
                        Portfpolio: link on previous works
                        SKills: 3D modeler
                        Softs, maya 6/10, zbrush 1/10, etc...
                        our team: samestuff above
                        we need: animator to make our character run like forrest gump
                        we offer: a 3D rigged model of homer simpson, BP for scoring system

                        Voila, tell me what do you think, if you are interested to join such things.

                        Cheers !
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                          Glad you like my sayato. I'm only interested in developing Games for profit. In particular Cash-driven Contest and Tournament Games. Any game can be transformed into a Contest/Tournament with simple Scoring Mechanism. In fact Dragon'$ Gold will be my final Game Development project as I transition into Licensing other Game products for

                          With that said, the revenue generation strategy is important to me when I consider joining a Project. I prefer games with greater than 1 revenue generation strategy. I particularly favor long term regenerative revenue strategies such as subscriptions, advertisement rental, virtual commodity sales, service sales, pay-per-play.

                          If there is no interest in generating revenue, that will be a deal breaker for me.
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                            Obviously the hidden aim of building a game is to make money...
                            By focusing only money is not a good idea I think.

                            The strength of indie games is the original ideas.

                            For my project I ruminate for years but that seemed inconceivable because I did not know the world of developement video games and tools to create one.
                            It was by chance that helping a friend who wanted to create a small 2D Game with GameMaker tool and he had trouble with collision and so on.
                            I sought there is a better tool, then i found and tested Unity3D But the C Sharp is blocking the long ...
                            and finally, I was fortunate to find the fabulous tools What EU4.

                            So I thought why not try to create a team game and realize this idea that haunted me.

                            As a Gamer, many things frustrated me in many video games such as pay to win, unbalanced classes (quite intentionally), too short, boring, buggy, etc ...
                            So, that's why I want to create a game that does not have these imperfections, which fully satisfy all the players me included.

                            See a growing community around the project and see that he becomes famous will make me happy and proud.

                            And finally finance part because he must live...
                            I will not reveal everything but it was maturely reflected to be profitable without compromise players satisfaction like imbalance linked to pay to win or other unfair some can afford and others not.

                            The game is based on a simple and workable model, ingenious ideas will make it attractive and if it become a commercial success, in that moment, I could reinvest and create a video game studio.

                            Then extensions with new features see the day, until the game becomes an E-Sports like Dota 2 and give big prizes to ranked gamer then the loop is looped



                              Allright !

                              I decided to give a try and hope all will be working good in the ethical way.

                              !! UPDATE !! Check the 1st Post, template to join the RUTGS* Real United Teams 4 Games Society !

                              If you have time and interested to help us with this group, feel free to message me then we can discuss about it.

                              There is no money to gain but i beleive we can help each others, discover best practices, new tricks, tools, etc...
                              Then build free game modules or make a game together or help you to finish your actual project, then we all gain something at the end.

                              Fill and post the 1st post template
                              then you will have access on the GDrive with shared ressources and tricks + a Special Shared hudge Cloud Storage.

                              We will share links stuff like props, meshes, codes, etc... Exemple But we got much better than that !
                              And i'm sure you too have some cool usefull links to share and help the Real United Teams 4 games society with class and style

                              any suggestions, help, talk about the main subject, etc... are welcome !

                              cheers !!!
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