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[RevShare] Looking for Animator - Single Player Horror Game

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    [ROYALTY] [RevShare] Looking for Animator - Single Player Horror Game

    Hello Everyone!

    Some lines about us:
    DeppreSick Team is a small game dev team working on our first indie horror title: Remorse: The List. We like to keep our team size small and tight so right now we have only a coder and a content creator. (Yeah it's a small but dedicated team). Our game is a semi-open world horror adventure, where the player must figure out the origin of a list that contains three weird riddles. We already have some working maps and a functional inventory with a note system. Now it's time to boost up things and make some enemies and guns.

    You can check our previous released HL2 mod here:

    And here is our indiedb profile for Remorse: The List with some pictures:

    The Animator we need:
    So yeah we need an animator who like weird horror games and can do enemy and hand animations for FPS weapons. Some Unreal Engine 4 experience would be good too so we could start the work pretty fast. We already have an enemy for testing and some weapon+hands are done too.

    If You're interested drop me a PM here or an e-mail to dracorian88 at gmail dot com so we can talk about the details.

    Thanks for reading it guys and have a nice day!