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UE4 developer for live facial tracking event - Project for major game studio

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    [CONTRACT/PAID] UE4 developer for live facial tracking event - Project for major game studio

    We are looking for an UnReal developer with expertise in programming, workflow and delivery of a game that utilizes facial recognition software to animate a character in UnReal Engine. We are handling all the creation of 3D assets and animations used in the project. Faceware is handling the Live tracking and porting to UnReal. We have a working prototype of our character in UnReal that is functioning using Faceware. The areas we are looking for help are Workflow, Game Controls, Transitions, and Deliverables

    - Knowledge of how to prepare assets in Cinema 4D in order to port them into UnReal.

    Game Control
    - head rotation control mapped to XBOX 360 Left Thumbstick
    - ability to invert game control mapping orientation [ left = right / right = left ]
    - skeletal arm and body movements controlled by XBOX 360 buttons / pads

    - create trigger-able in game transition to reveal and take away main character
    - Transitions to include lighting, skeletal character, and scene animations triggered to happen in sync

    - UE4 4.9 project optimized, compiled and built as standalone game

    We are based in Philadelphia, PA. Talent from NYC/east coast would be preferred. My estimate is that this is approx 3-5 days of work.

    If interested Please contact me at