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Looking for partner to work with

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    Hi Thatonetallguy!

    What are your personal skills / abilities in Game Development? For example can you do 3D or 2D models or Art or Music or Storywriting or something like that?

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  • started a topic [UNPAID] Looking for partner to work with

    Looking for partner to work with

    I've been working on my game off-and-on for about 3 years now. Every time I talk with my friends about it, they always mock me because I don't yet have a coder (which they usually tell me is about 98% of the game), and I tell them I haven't found anyone trustworthy yet. I've been working by myself in creating organized ideas of how I want my game to work, but I don't have the ability to code my dreams to life. Though I'm aiming to start my own business with this idea, my goals are still far ahead of me. In particular, I'm looking for someone who I can trust, and is willing to work. The person will become head of the department they work in, and once income starts coming in, then the unpaid will become paid, but that's once everything is all together.

    What I'm looking for is someone:
    • To bounce ideas off of
    • To code (C++)
    • Who is willing to work on what is needed when it's needed
    • Who is willing to be patient because there will be quite a delay on actually finishing this project
    • Who knows what they're doing, and be confident in it.

    Most of all, I'm looking for someone who is willing to have fun. Even though it's work I'm asking for, I don't want to leave people hating their life to make my dream come true. If interested, please have a form of communication you can use (Skype, Curse Voice, Etc.). I'm willing to answer any questions anyone happens to have, and I'm open to all (constructive) criticism. Please help my dream become a reality.