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Offer for wheeled vehicle extension

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    [PAID] Offer for wheeled vehicle extension

    I am looking for someone that might be interested in a quick little job (with potential additional work in the future) in which I am offering $50 (via papal or other service as requested) for. I am willing to pay half now and the rest upon completion as I am relatively in a hurry.
    . Here's a picture of it to give you an idea of what I need:

    What I need is for you to take a vehicle rig that I have created and enable it to drive upside down. Currently, I already have this vehicle drive-able with a custom camera setup that follows a ball but when it flips, it insta-flips itself back upright. The Center of Mass issue might be the culprit or the spherical tire collision may also be a problem but I am unsure. What I need is for this vehicle to be able to drive, even after it has flipped upside down. I don't need controls inverted or anything else like that. I have reached the point to where I need help. Here's a video of some of the bizarre behavior I have faced.

    Please let me know if you're interested.
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