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    [UNPAID] Blueprint Expert I think needed

    Hello everyone,

    I will pay 100 dollars but that is really the most I can do otherwise it will have to be off of royalties.

    Am super new here to UE4. But basically what I need done is I am using shootergame as a base for a small game I am creating. I have purchased the UAIS blueprint pack from UE4. I am trying to figure out how to get this system in place.

    Basically I really don't care if I get rid of shootergame all around and use the AUIS game mode to make this work.

    Really all I want is to be able to use this system, with my enemies in place and have them able to wield guns.

    Really I just need the AUIS system in my game to work.

    AM not sure if this is something easy, if that is the case am willing to pay some, but I really have no idea on how much blueprint of programmers cost, other wise would like to pay out in royalties. I would suspect this really isn't that hard to figure out, am part of the way figuring out the system, but am getting so frusturated in doing so.

    If anyone is interested please email me at

    I just want my enemies that can already shoot to be able to patrol run away etc with the AUIS system.

    Thanks everyone. Looking to get this done as soon as possible.
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    You should give link to UAIS:
    Or not misspell it into AUIS all over place.

    There is one problem, I am not sure if its allowed to sharer blueprints you bought from marketplace.
    And without buying that bp from there others are unable to work on your task.

    Another problem is that there is no end to your task, you need to be familiar with it anyway, any pickup you add need to be integrated to UAIS, you want add cover, you need fix code in UAIS, new animations for bots, again more work there.

    And do not give up, initial learning curve for unreal is huge, but soon you get to plateau of "i can do it".
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