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    [ROYALTY] I need a team for a game

    Oh, Hi! I need a team, I'm not the good in all, Im new. I know about level designer(I worked a week in unity) and in ue4 what I've work from tutorial, look very easy level desing.

    But my problem is : I dont know much in 3d(I know a mug, a table, a chair, bank card, etc(in 3d max), but I know okable in c4d. I need a programator(I dont know anythink about programing), and a game tester/

    At level design, I dont know how to make abandoned interiors, but other thinks I think I know. As c4d, I think I can make somethink, but 3ds max I have much to learn, any way, c4d is compatible with ue4?

    About game, I dont have plans, but I think a story, or an ireal story, horror game, survival, anythink the team want. This team, I want to be more time.

    I dont know if this job will be unpaid, becouse the games will cost, and I can say the cut will be egal from every one, from team.
    I'm not the boss, from the team, nobody is the boss, we all will be the boss.

    Contact me, to make the team. Private or not.

    For any oportunity, my skype is, named as DirtyBlasion, with a minecraft skin maked in SAI.
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    Originally posted by BlacketStrider View Post
    .. I'm not the good in all, Im new...
    That is no problem, if you have some money to pump into project.
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      Originally posted by Luftbauch View Post
      That is no problem, if you have some money to pump into project.
      I dont have, if I find some good people I can make a good game who can be buyed and the other one have more buget, and more fain