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3D Modeller and Animator needed

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    [UNPAID] 3D Modeller and Animator needed

    Hey there, everyone. My name is Michael, or TheShiftOSGuy. I'm developing an open-world game, and I need a bit of help with animating characters. I can create the characters and their skeletons within MakeHuman, but as far as animating goes, I don't really have much time to animate my player character all on my own.

    I also need someone who can model and design clothing for my characters as MakeHuman does not come with much clothing.

    As far as clothing goes, All I really need is some shirts, pants and jackets. As for animation, every character's skeleton should be the same as other characters' skeletons, so in THEORY an animation made for an NPC could work on a player. So, I don't need much. I just need a walk cycle, run cycle, jumping animation and death animation for now.

    Anyways, that's about it. Feel free to PM me if you want to help out.

    Try Mixamo


      I'll stick to MakeHuman for character creation, as it's completely free and open-source, but thanks anyways, DyotoOrion!


        If you need makehuman you wont get very far. Try something smaller where you don't need human characters.