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    [UNPAID] Puzzle designer

    You like designing puzzles? Are you an imaginative person that came up with original ideas or do you have a strong sense of logic that allows you to design interesting challenges?
    Well, I don't. So that's why I need you. If you love doing Portal 2 chambers, or thought of new ideas for Antichamber, then you're definitely the person I need.

    Job description:
    • Use original game mechanics!
    • Lots of elements to create unique puzzles!
    • Your vote counts as much as mine when taking a decision!
    • Do you feel like something can be improved? Do it! Or tell me and I'll do it for you!
    • Get paid! (Actually, no. That was a joke)
    • Work as much as you want whenever you want! (as long as you submit at least one decent puzzle a month)

    Game description:
    • Follow the steps of Aperture's worker Doug Rattman, in the Portal universe!
    • FPS style
    • Unique visuals
    • Great and original story
    • Intrincate backstory
    • Unexpected locations

    • Daniel Hurtado: Basic idea
    • Daniel Hurtado: Story writer
    • Daniel Hurtado: 3d modeller
    • Daniel Hurtado: Texture creation
    • Daniel Hurtado: Gameplay designer
    • Daniel Hurtado: Blueprint scripter
    • YOU: Puzzle Designer


    Here you can take a look at some puzzle mechanics:

    Now you're thinking with schizophrenia
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