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    [UNPAID] Land of Lulz


    Phase 1: Develop Five Mini Games
    Phase 2: Develop Flagship Single Player RPG
    Phase 3: Develop Small Player Hosted Multiplayer
    Phase 4: Develop Small MORPG / MOBA
    Phase 5: Develop Small MMORPG

    Core Development Team:
    [LIST][*]3D Artist & Designer - Cody Rauh // Portfolio Here[*]Game OST Composer - Chris Chapman

    Development Support Team:
    • SL Community Manager - Amicca
    • Concept Artist - Aimi Sukanku
    • More to come, we are looking for you!

    Completed Asset List: Click Here ( Only items requested here listed. )

    Project Description: We truly believe that great things have small beginnings. We are currently in Phase 1 of our project development progress.
    All phases and projects are centrally themed around the voxel world "Land of Lulz" and it's ever expanding crazy characters. We are essentially module by module
    developing a larger universe one line of code, and one pixel at a time. In short this is a Life Long Project intended to evolve and grow over the next 50+ Years.

    We are seeking dedicated individuals who are just as crazy about this concept as we are. Though the long term goal is ambitious, we have many short term goals well within reach!

    Dev Support: Volunteers will be the backbone of our development team. We are looking for people to bring their own vision
    to the world according to their expertise of their skill set. We firmly believe people do their best work, when what they are working
    on is a passion and not a job, chore, obligation, or paycheck. We want each person in the project to have a sense of personal ownership
    in the development and progress of our projects.

    In addition to giving you influence as a developer/designer we offer the following rewards!

    How to Help Us:
    • Volunteers - Those who would like to be part of a smaller well defined portion of the project.
    • Content Submission - One off tasks or projects, ex. a character rig, single animation, blue print, etc.
    • Funding - Digital Market Place - Eventually we will need to have some money for some part of this. ( Fun cosmetic items for those who use Second Life )

    Talent Required: Will be changing, often, and updated in thread.
    • Sky Specialist - Day/Night Cycle

    skype: cody.rauh
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    There's a really decent day/night cycle BP on the market, might save you the trouble of recruiting someone


      Originally posted by DarkRider View Post
      There's a really decent day/night cycle BP on the market, might save you the trouble of recruiting someone
      What you are saying makes sense. I only worry about spending time on something I have to fumble around with vs. being productive in my skillset.
      Myself doing it = 100 hours of trial and error vs. 5 - 10 hours of someone knowing what they are doing.
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        We currently need someone to make a simple skeleton mesh/rig to be used for all our characters.
        For full tech spec information please click here.

        This is an essential component and your help would be much appreciated!

        We plan to release an open source version so community members can submit their own animations.

        skype: cody.rauh
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          Are you sure, about planning your skeleton that simple, like in the left picture suggested?
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          UE brings Math back into my life or i am not sure.


            Completed Items:

            Lulz Character Skeletal Rig by Luftbauch
            Water Shader V1 ( WIP ) by Rhayader