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    [PAID] Advanced AI Programmer Wanted

    Project Title:

    Player must avoid shadows and stay in the light due to a sudden allergic reaction to darkness. While maneuvering large maps, the player must avoid men trying to capture him & dark or underlit areas. This is the most basic explanation I can make, since I keep most details about the game to team members.

    Team Name:

    Team Structure:
    Nic Schweitzer, Level Designer
    Fred Garnier, Programmer
    Roman Batrakov, Character Artist

    Talent Required:
    An AI Programmer who can work in either C++ or Blueprints. The AI needs to be intelligent, and able to adapt to various situations, such as hunting the main character in various environments, fighting, apprehending (Re: Not killing if possible) and defense against the main characters attacks.


    Skype: nic.schweitzer

    Pay is done by-feature, not hourly. You provide the AI work and give me a quote, and I'll happily pay the most reasonable offer. I want quality work, so this is not lowest bidder wins. That being said, I'm not made of money so please be reasonable in your quotes. I am more than happy to pay via PayPal, however if this makes you uncomfortable we can work something else out. Payments will be broken up to be affordable to myself (I still have rent, y'know?). Under no circumstances will I make payment on a project if no work is shown, due to some disturbing things I've read on this thread. Again, I hope you understand, since payment is non-negotiable in this regard.

    Hope to hear from you soon, and thanks for reading!
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    Something's wrong with your site. Can't see anything, just text.


      Yeah, the site is just text. There was a GIF there, but it loaded too slowly. Just text. I might change it later, but for right now it serves my purposes.
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