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Mad Max prototype - artist or coder wanted

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    [PAID] Mad Max prototype - artist or coder wanted

    I need to make very simple game prototype of Mad Max like combat vehicular game ( you can check on the bottom of this post the video and picture made out of the partly done prototype that we have created in Unity ) that would consist of car with gun and small map consist just of terrain and vegetation ( no human made objects ), VFX as flash muzzle, flying bullets/tracers, car smoking, burning, explosion, car wreck, wheel tracks, dust behind wheels and SFX. Possibly you can implement weather effects and day/night cycle. It has to be pure sandbox so player just drive around and shoot to enjoy the gameplay and audiovisual effects to demonstrate game's potential so no menus, settings, hud etc. is not required just player's car appears on the map and he can control it and eventually after he's got killed he appear again over and over on the map so advantage would be if you could implement online multiplayer into the game as well ( but its not mandatory ) and in single player player would shoot into car controlled by very simple AI. This job is suitable either for coder or artist because all audiovisual assets should be downloaded from internet ( free or paid ) and implemented into game ( to significantly reduce time and cost of development ) and all coding ( probably except multiplayer ) should be handled by blue prints. This job is entry ticket into this project so Im looking just for guys willing to work longterm and full time on it and this job is your test how quickly, cheaply and in what quality you are able to produce the game prototype so I will assign this job to the guy whose quote will have best ratio of these attributes. Artist guys please send me your portfolio and all guys please contact me via my email because I dont visit this forum often to check your replies. Thanks in advance.


    Hey i would be interessted. You can see my suff here: and here:
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