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Project Name – Lion Heart - Multiple Positions Available [ROYALTY]

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    [ROYALTY] Project Name – Lion Heart - Multiple Positions Available [ROYALTY]

    It is the 15th of April 1954, days before the Fuhrer’s birthday. In rural England a series of events hail the beginning of the end. Or does it? Your fight? Freedom, Liberty and Justice.

    Make impossible choices, where every decision has a consequence. Carve your path to freedom with branching story lines that promise no two similar experiences. The consequences of your actions have the greatest impact on Neuropa, its citizens, your allies and enemies. Even the smallest decision can impact the future that awaits.

    Meet an unforgettable cast of characters whose lives, loyalty and friendships are put to the test in a world dominated by power and fear. A world, where you have the power to change the future.

    Key Features:
    • Choice & Consequence – Make impossible choices, where the consequences changes the future that awaits you.
    • Butterfly Effect– Carve your path to freedom with branching story lines that promise no two similar experiences. The choices you make may ripple unseen into moments of victory, or may very well lead to defeat.
    • Gripping Story – Immerse yourself in a powerful and chilling story: the past rewritten.

    Genre – Story-driven, episodic, action-adventure single player game.
    Audience – Mature 18 (male and female)
    Platforms – PS4 / Xbox One / PC

    Team Name:

    Team Structure:
    Estie (Project Creator) - Project Management, Story & Concept
    Nathan - Concept Artist
    Rupert - Concepts Artist
    Graham - Sound Designer
    Lamar - 3D Artist
    German - 3D Artist
    Rodion - Programmer

    Talent Required:

    3D Artist (2)
    o Experience with Maya and/or 3ds Max is required.
    o Expected to Model and Texture game-ready asset.
    o Experience with UE4 toolset a bonus.
    o Experience with Quixel and/or Zbrush is a plus

    3D Character Artist (2)
    o Experience with Maya and/or 3ds Max required.
    o Experience with UE4 toolset a bonus.
    o Experience with Quixel and/or Zbrush is a plus
    o Expected to create, rig and animate player and npcs.

    Concept Artist (2)
    o Ability to go from sketch to concept quickly
    o Define and drive forwards the look development and vision for a new and exciting IP
    o Experience in traditional mediums and or digital illustrations.
    o A good understanding of lighting, colour theory and composition
    o Ability to create “look & feel” concepts
    o Assist 3D artists with texture and full concept designs
    o Knowledge of multiple art styles and techniques
    o Up-to-date knowledge of computer illustration software packages, e.g., Photoshop and/or Painter.

    Programmer (2)
    o Expected to implement features and functionality
    o Experience in C++ is required

    Animation Artist (1)
    o Experience in Maya is required
    o Expected to create, rig, and animate player character and various npcs.
    o Experience with UE4 A.R.T. Tools

    Web Developer (1)
    o Manage the website creation for the project and team.
    o Must be able to take ownership for end-to-end delivery of sites.
    o Good understanding and knowledge with HTML, CSS, and PHP as needed.
    o Ability to incorporate and link blogs and other social media effectively will be a bonus.

    Important Information:

    I am fully aware that most people who may consider joining the team will more likely than not have a fulltime job and because of this we do not have over the top expectations.

    What you need to know.
    • You must be able to dedicate at least 5 – 8 hours per week as a minimum. I am flexible and know schedules change so let me know when you are unable to work on the project because of other commitments.
    • Experience is important, but anybody is welcome to apply as long as you can commit to what we ask and are able to deliver to expectation.
    • Communicate! Use Skype to provide regular updates and Trello to communicate specific task related updates, requests for feedback or general updates on progress.
    • Commitment. This is a large game with many aspects to it. However our main goal is to build/finish our prototype in order to obtain funding, either via a crowd funding site, private investment or a publisher.
    • Passionate. You MUST love video games!
    • Be proactive! Sometimes you may have to step outside of your comfort zone, but be proactive about it, embrace it, learn from it.
    • You must be able to work both independently and as part of a larger team.
    • It is important that you are able to accept and give direction.

    Don’t see anything listed that fits your skills? Why not get in touch and let’s discuss how you could contribute to the team.

    Under Construction

    Skype: estie.bothma1
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    reading you're Facebook-site, I saw that you're project started back in 2014 under a different name. As you got several concept artists and 3d modelers on the team, i wonder why you don't have any first results so far to show us, like characters, self-made models or environments...?