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3D Character Artist Wanted – Online Arcade FPS/TPS

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    [PAID] 3D Character Artist Wanted – Online Arcade FPS/TPS

    3D Character Artist Wanted – Online Arcade FPS/TPS

    Hi guys, I'm reaching out to the community of the best engine in the world.
    We're looking for a 3D Character Artist for our fast paced team and free-for-all arcade shooter. We have some cool designs for our first character and would like a talented 3d artist help us bring this game to life.

    All being well, we are going for a playable demo this September to receive feedback from the community. We're really hoping for great demo and a first release this Winter and shall be entering Greenlight quite soon.

    Online dedicated server play
    First person / Third person camera
    Physics as gameplay mechanics

    Team Name:
    RIE Studios

    Team Structure:
    Shan - 3D Generalist / Co-Designer / Texture Artist
    Tarik - 3D Generalist / Co-Designer / Co-Producer
    Mickael - Lead Coder
    Jay – Co-Producer

    Previous Work:
    Komodo Crunchtime (Android)

    List of previous projects by the team as a whole, by you or other team members of note.
    If this is the first thing you've done, say so.

    Talent Required:
    3D Character Artist
    Toon like model required Team Fortress like style
    Needs to be textured and ready for Unreal 4 use
    Half on start and half on completion.


    Team Website:

    Skype: tbensaria

    Thanks guys,


    RIE Team

    Can you give a rough idea of the number of models? It sounds like you need it all done in one month. Just want an idea of the size of the project for that timeframe.
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    Request a quote today:
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      We need just the one for now and we, will hopefully add more soon.

      RIE Team