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[CONTRACT] Programmer / Engine Consultant / Tutor for a Coca Cola game

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    [CONTRACT] Programmer / Engine Consultant / Tutor for a Coca Cola game

    Please send no further applications.

    Project Title:
    Coca Cola Xmas truck driving


    The player has 60 seconds to drive (not race) a truck on a linear street through a wintery village/landscape with a steering wheel controller. Maybe avoid obstacles like parked cars or snowpiles to avoid collision/slowdowns. Occasionally there are events on the side of the street which will stop the truck and present the player with an option menu where he can chose what to do. Like giving food to a homeless guy or ignore him. The goal is to make the most charitable decision and reach most of the events before time is up. It should not feel like race though.

    This video comes close to what we want, our game would be more linear and shorter though:



    • First person view point
    • Truck driving
    • Event logic
    • UI setup
    • Steering wheel support
    • Options and Settings menu

    Before christmas there are several coca cola themed trucks driving through the country and stop at each larger city. The game will be playable inside a stationary real truck and will not be sold to the public. The game will be sold to a local agency which is responsible for the coca cola marketing tour.


    Team Structure:

    Christian Marzy (Project Creator)
    Project Management, Art direction & Game Design.
    In my 12 plus years experience in games and movies I have developed a proven track record in successful project completion and, most importantly, fulfilling client needs.
    • 1x 3D Artist
    • 1x Concept Artist
    • 1x you

    Talent Required:
    Programmer / Engine Consultant / Tutor
    Experience with UE4 & Unity required

    Tasks to help us with:
    • Vehicle behavior and collision
    • Setting up a working UI
    • Game logic
    • Highscore counter
    • and more

    Your responsibilty would be suggesting which engine is better suited for this project and to walk me through all the neccessary steps that are needed to complete the project. All art related assets, music and sounds will be provided.
    Basically you would host screen sharing sessions and act as a live tutor conveying howto's on egine and programming related matters.

    • Speaking english
    • German would be a plus
    • A good internet connection for screensharing
    • The ability to teach/explain what you do to an artist

    Most tutorial sessions would be on a wednesday and you should be available for a few hours between 08:00 and 18:00 (german local time). You would get paid by the hour but in order to calculate an overall budget you have to make estimations and keep to a schedule as a first step.

    Please include convincing samples of your previous work, let me know what you would like to earn per hour and as a plus already give a (rough) estimation how many hours you would need to complete the project.

    Skype: Christian Marzy
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    If Wednesdays would not work, we could work on weekends instead =)


      Coca Cola game is this some kind of sick joke ?


        thanks for honoring my thread with your first post. I can assure you its not a joke. I have worked with their agency in the past and we already completed some interactive projects for their christmas campaign. Instead its a real opportunity to work on a great project and to earn some money.


          You are looking for a tutor or instructor from programming side. Not a full time developer .right ?
          UpWork Portfolio
          UE4 Portfolio



            Right, it would be part time from your home until we release in december.


              Hey is this position still available?