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    Fully established and funded company looking for full/part time employees.
    Funded company or individual looking to pay-per-asset.
    I'm confused which one is me. Both mean you have money, and both can mean you're paying someone for only a while. The only difference is that CONTRACT says you can be an individual while PAID says you can't be an individual. I would go with CONTRACT because I'm an individual, but I'm confused at why the two names aren't just INDIVIDUAL and COMPANY because both mean "paid" and "contract" I think. So, therefore, I see them as identical, I want to chose PAID since it explains the thread more lol.


      If you run a business/company and intend to pay someone as a employee with the benefits they are entitled, you should use [PAID].

      If you intend pay someone directly to work on a set number of features/assets, use [CONTRACT].
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        Hello to everyone i would like to know how can i work for UE , as a Mapper Designer , or what i have to do to reach your levels of recruting requeriments, in perference to work on SQUAD Developement.


          I'm going to post my job very soon.

          But I need to know something.

          My job isn't a video game like everyone else's - it's artificial intelligence. I have only several simple jobs already written up. When I post my intro, should I post below that any of the jobs or keep that part private for private-messaging? Wouldn't it be better to show everyone that I'm serious, what the job entails, etc? It may flee some of the people away if only my intro write-up is posted with no jobs below it.
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            You should keep all positions / jobs related to your project under one thread, updating the original thread as required.
            Rule#21: Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet.


              The thing that triggers me most is when people make really unprofessional looking posts about how established they are. Then tell you the most irrelevant information about their game/team if anything at all.

              Is the genre of your game intellectual property? You "have 50 people working for you", do you have a website?

              Write what you expect from the person you are trying to recruit, and not just nonsense about your company standards. I mean a Job/Contract Description. Don't tell me about the story of your game, unless your game is pretty much exclusively a story. Every time someone describes the plot of something with one sentence, I wonder what exactly they expect me to take from that.
              "there's this TV show about zombies and there's guns and jails and everyone dies and, and,. and,.. and.... RICK GRIMES!!!"

              "Looking for a programmer to develop procedurally generated environments etc" or "Looking for programmer to narrate autobiographical point and click adventure."

              Seeing this kind of stuff would be so helpful.

              The person you are ultimately trying to hire is going to be different from job to job. So don't be vague. Just like you probably don't want to interview 50 people, inversely no one wants to contact you about your uninformative posts to find out what you are working on. You people act like you're working on secret government projects, when really to the rest of us it just feels like you lack the confidence to discuss your project openly.

              IMO you don't have to be that professional if you're just looking for hobbyist partners and small contracts, just make sure your post isn't full of nonsense. Everyone trying to sound like something they're not is just advertising that they're already on a sinking ship.

              Sorry for venting.
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                Originally posted by Grot13
                Then how to create our own domain, and is it necessary to create also the mail box?
                I'm curious about that
                Epic is a big champion of having a dedicated domain name in order to be taken seriously:

                Originally posted by Grot13
                question about email adress. It is said to avoid gmail, yahoo.. and to use a proper domain.
                Why avoiding some domains? For me an adress is an adress so I don't really understand.
                Bad assumptions! An address isn't just an address. We don't live in that kind of world anymore. If you only have a Gmail / Outlook / Yahoo / Facebook address etc, potential game buyers may balk at contacting you on those channels. Why? Because personal info is more likely to be leaked / slurped or added to Shadow-Profile data etc. Facebook/Cambridge-Analytica/Palantir is the world's leading textbook example of how not to handle user data. Verizon and other US telcos got caught too mishandling user data. Laws such as GDPR are already a game changer, both inside and outside the EU...
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                Instead its better to just take projects apart (see the free 'creators' listed here)