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[REMOTE] 3D fighting game - looking for skilled UE4 Blueprints/C++ coder for permanent team position

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    [CONTRACT/ROYALTY] [REMOTE] 3D fighting game - looking for skilled UE4 Blueprints/C++ coder for permanent team position

    Hello there

    My name is Josh and for the past several years I've been trying to make a 1-on-1 3D fighting game in Unreal Engine 4 in the style of SoulCalibur, Tech Romancer. and Tekken. Our game will be a free-to-play fighting game on Steam with possible console releases later.

    We are looking for a C++ Game Programmer / Unreal Engine 4 Technician to become a permanent member of our team, in order to help us finish our game and release it on Steam.

    With the help of subcontractors we have managed to create a codebase for our fighting game with online networking support, however it still needs a substantial amount of polish and refinement before it can be considered a functioning prototype. We are a team of two permanent artists looking for a programmer to join our team permanently (or at least until the release of the game on Steam).

    As a programmer, your tasks will be as follows (truncated):

    -Communicate with us via our GitHub and post updates / builds as you go along.
    -Refine and polish the core fighting game combat loop to our specifications, which will include adding hits, combos, blocking, grabbing, special attacks, super moves and other such mechanics.
    -Implement and improve our networking support by use of "GGPO" middleware, which is a third party rollback netcode solution specifically for fighting games
    -UI/HUD design/improvements

    Qualities we are looking for:
    -English fluency
    -C++ proficiency
    -UE4 Blueprints proficiency
    -Must be able to work remotely
    -Excellent communication skills
    -Ability to take charge and get deeply engaged with the project, making suggestions to improve the game design or combat flow
    -Passion for fighting games is a plus

    Preference is milestone-based pay, with possible revshare. Rates negotiable. Payment will be conducted via Paypal

    If you are interested in helping, please reach me via the following methods:

    Discord: PsychoJosh#6423 (fastest way)

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