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    [ROYALTY] time Slip - Roguelike

    Hey there

    I am Bosse ( thats swedish and doesnt mean BOSS :P ).

    I recently started to make a Game for my brother, he loves roguelikes, but than i realized i might have something here. So i started to really get serious!

    Its a roguelike(1-3 player), TopDown 3D not sprite, the themes of the procedurally generated levels change according to the time they are in (inspired by time splitters[love that game])

    As i am more on the graphical side of things(texturing/Animation etc) i need some help with the code.

    So far done is

    - 80% of the character movement and skills.

    - Procedural dungeon and Themes getting there as well

    what i need help with:

    - well..many things so hit me up if you want to contribute in your area of expertise

    -PROGRAMMER: foremost i need someone who knows how to set up an interesting AI for creeps and Bosses and maybe can polish the game in general a bit

    -LEVEL DESIGNER: to help me Create interesting themes for the dungeons
    -CHARACTER MODELERS: to keep the characters consistent

    Payment would be Royalty based and we would do that in writing of cause. If you would want regular payment, i have a bit of budget so just ask and maybe we can figure out a deal

    SO if you like to hear more before you want to decide just write me here on the Forum or hit me up on discord " gin#5088 "

    Hope to hear from you,
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