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Looking for a Stylized 3D Artist to help finish a mobile ARPG/Dungeon Crawler with unique concept

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    [ROYALTY] Looking for a Stylized 3D Artist to help finish a mobile ARPG/Dungeon Crawler with unique concept

    I am looking for a (stylized) artist who can help me to complete my mobile game "Necrotic". A mobile ARPG/Dungeon Crawler game with a unique story/setting. Here's a video which shows the progress of the game.

    In the game, humanity has found a way to become immortal. Because of this the population on Skyward (world of floating islands) has grown too big and the islands are over-built with settlements. You play as a necromancer who has been tasked by the Gods to lower population and destroy settlements in order to make room for humans to multiply themselves and their desire to build settlements. The necromancer has both ranged and melee skills and magic in a death/blood necrotic theme. Here's a page of the character's artstyle we are aiming for and that is already in game:

    The team:
    Stefan - Programmer / UI designer / Game Designer
    Bert - Generalist Artist / Animator / Game Designer
    Savannah - Generalist Artist / Animator

    More about me and my previous work:

    I'm a programmer who has worked solo on most of my projects, but I also worked in teams before. I started this project together with an artist friend who in the half of the project suddenly didn't have time anymore to contribute to the project due to his studies.

    I can also do UI/UX design which saves me a lot of time with the programming. I released my first project "Forests of Augusta" back in 2018 on Steam. My other project "Emberheart" was well on it's way to releasing in early access, but I decided to put the project on hold, since I realized that the scope is still too big and the profit I will get from a solo developed ARPG is gonna be way too small, because I can't compete with studios making top ARPG games for PC. I have also made some prototypes like Oceans Dark: Curse of Mithra, a third person pirate themed ARPG and a gamejam ARPG/shooter that was made on 7 days time.

    I started with big ideas in my first years of game dev, but didn't realize how much work goes into making RPG games. Today i'm standing with my feet on the ground, trying to make small games that are doable in scope. I've grown up and now know how to design games that need less art and less programming to be able to finish them as an indie team.

    I have 70+ hours per week to work on this project as it stands right now, so I need at least 2 artists to be able to keep up with programming speed. I found 2 of them and am now looking to fill the last spot.

    What I am looking for:

    - A generalist Stylized Artist who can do multiple tasks.

    - Skills needed are Concept art, 3D environment & props, 3D characters, rigging & animation and VFX (Sound will be worried about at a later stage and later recruitment post)

    - Only considering artists who have at least 2 of these skills (I'm not willing to make the team bigger than 4 people at this point)

    - Able to handle a stylized artstyle that has been established already

    What you get:

    - Experience working in a small team
    - Royalty % based on amount of hours contributed per week

    If you have the skills and are interested, please contact me at or on Discord: RebelCampGames#5613
    Creative Director at Rebel Camp Games