Hey we are looking for artists to create hand painted textures for use in UE4 and Unity. The format we are looking for is:
  • Base Color / Normal / Roughness/ Height / Ambient Occlusion
  • Resolution 2048px by 2048px ( Also work with 512*512px )
  • TGA format
  • Tillable
  • Hand Painted
  • Mobile and PBR ready

You will also need to create 2 renders for each texture you make. One of the material on a sphere and one on a plane.

Skills & Requirements
  • Experience in making hand painted textures for games.
  • Provide examples of hand painted materials you have made.
  • Ability to turn around textures at a fairly quick pace.

Contact us at support@sidearmstudios.com if you are interested.Make sure to include examples of previous hand painted textures you have made.