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New Gamestudio is looking for Game Programmer (Remote work)

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    [CONTRACT/PAID] New Gamestudio is looking for Game Programmer (Remote work)

    Project Title:
    <Medieval-3rd person view-game / MMO / Survival / PVP>

    Job Title:
    Game Programmer

    Game Description:
    We are developing a 3rd person PVP MMO in medieval age it will have survival elements and a craftig system. We have a huge map with many places to discover and populated by some animals to hunt. Players can walk/run, ride, and drive a cart on the map and ofc players can fight each other. Characters can be customized and carry different weapons (just a few). Game is multiplayer on different servers. We have a good idea of what we want and lots of visions to realize it.
    I want to keep it short here. We will provide more details later when we get in touch.

    Team Name:
    We are new and atm in the process of founding our company. As soon our Team is complete we will have a name.

    Team Structure:
    Project Manager,C++ and Blueprint Programmer, 3D Character and 3D Artist
    actual Teamsize:4

    Talent required:
    C++ Programmer, Blueprint Programmer

    What we need:
    we are starting from scratch. We have a detailed plan how to start the project and which steps need to be done in the starting phase. You have alot of freedom in how you achive the goals. Our slogan: Think big but keep things simple. Optimization is the keyword. You need to have good knowledge of UE4 and you already should have released at least one game.

    First steps:
    Beginning with basic character control (walking,running etc)
    Enhanced movement (horse riding and cart driving )
    a pretty simple fighting system (slash and block + bow)
    Inventory System
    Multiplayer features. We want to start the project with full MP features:
    dedicated server, MP GUI, Player selection etc.
    The MP aspect is very important so we will start with it from the beginning.

    later on:
    Crafting System
    etc. you will get the infos then

    Your Profile:
    at least 2 years experience with UE4 programming
    good Multiplayer programming skills
    good BP skills
    good english or german

    What we offer:
    full remote office
    full team support
    if you need something that speeds up the processes you will get it
    positive and constructive atmosphere
    you can learn and grow with the project
    you can influence the game with your ideas
    a good team with alof of experience in different sections



    Are you looking for 'Full MP features' or are you looking for 'Full MMO features' because you've mentioned them both. How are you planning on handling character, world and then item persistence? How are you handling account persistence, is this something where the developer would be helping you with auth servers, character creation, etc etc? Having gone through this exact process and emerged on teh other end with a functioning project I can tell you that this is a job for 4-6 engineers lasting 4-6 years for the core tech alone needed to handle the basics, unless they have been leads on other commercial mmo's in the past.

    Is this the time-frame that you were planning and budgeting for? Perhaps tell us a bit more about your background and business connections so people here know this isn't just a group of indies with no track record thinking that an MMO is something 4-5 people can put together in 8-16 months. Would go a long way to attracting the talented people needed to pull off what you are suggesting
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      Ironbelly, to speak about your Points. Our game shall not be a full MMO game, we just want to have some MMO elements in it. We do not speak about a game like EVE Online, Elder Scrolls Online or something like that. We call it simplified MMO features, we will just pick a few elements of MMO that fits in our game concept. Our game consist of different parts, a simple character developement with just a few items in the game, survival elements, some crafting possibilities, and a strategy/trading part. The focus will be on possessing gold, PVP and Land-Conquering. On a map 32 or 64 players can play. (depends on performance) So we will have different servers with always same map, I think you know what I mean.

      We know to make a full and big scale MMO would take more resources but that is not our intention. I agree with your estimation of 4-6 engineers for years.
      But our game will be smaller, we want to do it in 9-16 monts. Thats the budget of time we want to spend. But we also plan to have different release steps, Early Access for example.

      And yes we are INDIE developers with a good design/technical background and with business contacts. And I think this is a good platform to find people who like to work on such a project, even if ist not "top class big Studio production". We want to make a game that looks AAA-good and makes a lot of fun