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[PAID] [REMOTE] Gameplay Programmer - AI & Animation Specialist

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    [PAID] [REMOTE] Gameplay Programmer - AI & Animation Specialist


    We’re looking for an experienced AI programmer to work with us over the next three months + on an exciting unannounced project. Although we can't say too much about the game, we've received (modest) backing from a prominent publisher whose name you'd definitely recognise! You will work closely with our passionate team and lead the creation of eerily natural and dynamic character and animal AI behaviour, navigation, and movement.

    This will be an iterative process where together we’ll fine-tune, tweak, and polish until we achieve the best combination of realism and fun. Ideally you'll have a natural interest in helping to conjure our overall vision with an inclination towards attention to detail and a penchant for creative flair and polish is a huge plus. This is an important role central to the game's identity, so your work will be prominent and rewarding and directly influence the end product.

    • Solid C++ programming and Blueprint skills.
    • Strong understanding of general AI principles; knowledge of behaviour trees, blackboards, tasks, etc.
    • Strong mathematical ability; knowledge of vectors, matrices, and linear algebra.
    • Excellent problem solving ability.
    • Good team communication skills.
    • Passion for playing and creating cutting-edge, single player video game experiences.

    • Experience working on pathfinding or AI movement/behaviours for characters, preferably bipedal animals.
    • Experience solving complex AI problems (navigation, turning, route planning, multiple agent interaction, etc).
    • Experience working with complex animation graphs, procedural animation, and/or foot and spine IK.

    Please email us your example work to nick[at] for immediate consideration.

    Hi Nick,

    I can help out.
    Please check email.

    Best Regards,
    Sofia G